Key Stage 1


A busy start to the new term with a visit to the theatre for Year 2 to discover the techniques and work that goes on back stage to put on a production. The children were really surprised at the types of jobs and careers there were in and around the theatre including costumes, painting sets and designing scenery.

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All 3 reception classes held their annual Dads and Grandads mornings where the theme was Space and rockets were made in all shapes and sizes. The mornings were hailed as a great success and  the rockets built was amazing as you can see below!

7       6         8      5

EXCITING NEWS! Our entry into the Methodist Church Tree Festival WON! Well done the Year Four and Reception classes who created the decorations. The trophy will be arriving in school soon!


Space week for the whole school was in the week commencing 6th February. All classes went on a mission of discovery throughout the week. Highlights included a space dance taught by pupils to others and performed during the week and the Moonwalkathon which saw all children space walk around the school!  The visit from the Rocket Man proved very popular as you can see!


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Spelling bee has been launched with all children receiving a spelling list and sponsor form to raise money for the school and good causes.

Book week preparations are underway with all classes starting to decorate their classroom doors as a book title. Can you guess which books have been chosen?


Finally for this time… well done Year Two on their Infant Music Festival performance at St Josephs school. As you can see from the pictures they had a fantastic time singing songs on the theme of mini beasts. Hopefully they will be performing some of those songs to the rest of Key Stage One at an assembly in the near future. Well done again Year Two on representing our school so well!

16                                15



Year 3 really enjoyed space week. They explored the solar system and now know the order of the planets from the nearest to the furthest away from the sun. In Year 3 the children have been looking at Aztec and Aboriginal art designs and created their own on a piece of material, which look fantastic.


Since Christmas year 4 have been studying a variety of new and exciting topics. The children have been learning all about the Canary Islands, from locating it on a map to researching about food, culture and its geographical features. The children have also been reading The Indian in the Cupboard, an exciting story about a toy that comes to life. They have thoroughly enjoyed reading this and even wrote a set of instructions for bringing their own toy to life! Finally, the children have been looking closely at animals and their habitats, which has got them very excited for their trip to Bedfords Park later in the month.



Year 5 & 6

March 2017


Y5 and Y6 have been heavily involved in online safety this half-term. All the pupils have taken part in workshops, assemblies or given presentations on the subject. The aim was to raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe online behaviour. Every class in the school watched a presentation, play or assembly.


Y6 visited Hall Mead recently to watch this year’s production. It was great to see our current pupils mixing with our former ones. The show was fantastic, and we think our teachers and pupils got a few great ideas for our own upcoming Y6 productions.


The biggest event of the last few weeks has to be Space Week. Among other space-related events, we had a three-day visit from Steve Bennett – Britain’s one-man space programme. He worked with us to build air-powered rockets. Although these were only made from a sheet of A4 paper, with his help they flew to altitudes of over 50 metres. He also brought with him one of his giant sounding rockets, which was featured in the Romford Recorder.


In the coming weeks, Y5 and Y6 will be taking part in a healthy living workshop, and , of course, Y6 will be gearing up for the SATs tests in May.