The Governing Body

The Governing Body oversees the conduct, curriculum, standards and budget of the school and has a duty to monitor the way the school is developing.

Members of the Engayne Primary School Governing Body

Engayne Primary School Governing Body

Chair – Mrs J Deacon (Relationships: none)

Vice Chair – Mr D Jones (Relationships: none)

Leadership & Management Committee                                          Teaching & Standards Committee

Mr P Harris – Chair (Relationships: none)                                        Mrs L Gunther – Chair (Relationships: none)

Mrs D Whalley – Vice Chair  (Relationships: none)                         Mr R Mansell – Vice Chair (Relationships: none)

Mr D Jones                                                                                               Mrs N Francis (Relationships: none)

Mrs J Deacon                                                                                           Mrs N Holland  (Relationships: none)

Mrs S Sankey (Relationships: none)                                                    Mrs J Deacon

                                                                                                                     Miss K Smith (Relationships: none)

                                                                                                                     Mrs S Sankey

Authority Governors Parent Governors  Co-opted Governors
DW photo Mrs D Whalley

(Term of office: 08/11/2015 -07/11/2019   )

Appointed by LA

lgunther edit  Mrs L Gunther

(Term of office: 01/02/2017-31/01/2021      )

Appointed by parents

Natasha   Mrs N Francis

(Term of office: 30/11/2015-29/11/2019  )

Appointed by parents

Mrs DeaconMrs J Deacon – Chair of Governors

(Term of office: 10/03/2015- 09/03/2019  )

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Mr Mansell     Mr R Mansell

(Term of office: 10/03/2015-09/03/2019   )

Appointed by Full Governing Body


djones2     Mr D Jones – Vice Chair

(Term of office: 10/03/2015 – 09/03/2019    )

Appointed by Full Governing Body

pharris     Mr P Harris

(Term of office: 29/11/2015 – 28/11/2019   )

Appointed by Full Governing Body


DSC_0035    Mrs N Holland

(Term of office: 22/11/2016 – 21/11/2020 )

Appointed by Full Governing Body

Teacher Governor Head Teacher Governor
    Miss K Smith

(Term of office:   01/09/2017 – 31/08/2021 )

Appointed by staff

sara   Mrs S Sankey

(Term of office: duration in post)


Mrs J Deacon –   In September 2004 my eldest son started reception at Engayne. He was followed over the years by his three younger brothers and two of my sons are still pupils today. My career in law was on hold while I raised my children, so I joined the Governing Body in 2010 as a Parent Governor. This was a way for me to become involved in the school and to help in any way that I could. I was appointed as the Curriculum Governor and went on to chair the Leadership and Management Committee. In November of 2015 the position of Chair of Governors became vacant and I was privileged and honoured to be elected in this role. The Governors at Engayne work together to ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential academically in a safe and friendly environment and to become confident, happy and enthusiastic learners for the future.

Mrs N Francis  I am a parent of two boys, one at Engayne and one due to attend September 2017. I have many years of experience in education. I am a PE teacher at a local secondary school in Havering. My teaching career spans over 16 years across many diverse boroughs including Newham, Thurrock and more recently the last 5 ½ years in Havering. The responsibilities I have held in my teaching career have included Head of Department, Head of Year & Key Stage 3 Leader. It has been in recent years since having children that I now work part time; my responsibilities are Gifted & Talented (G&T)/More able in PE. I enjoy addressing the needs of highly able students and being able to motivate them to succeed at the very highest level with the support and encouragement required. It is just as crucial as concentrating on the needs of those requiring additional support with learning. Not forgetting our ‘average’ students and giving them the ambition and enthusiasm to want to be the very best they can be.

Just like every parent at Engayne Primary School, I want the very best for Engayne children. I want them to be happy, responsible, confident, and respectful and be able to persevere with their life at Engayne and beyond. The first years of a child’s education are crucial to their academic achievements and to the progress of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

As parents and governors we need to support the school but when necessary should be able to act as a critical friend and hold them to account. I am not afraid to ask difficult questions and I am used to speaking out for what I believe in. The Governing Body needs to work with all stakeholders to support them and implement ever changing government policies in circumstances where stretching resources are a challenge. Engayne is already a good school; we should now be striving to become an outstanding school.

Mrs L Gunther -I have two children at Engayne Primary School and have been a Parent Governor since February 2013. I am the Chair of the Teaching and Standards Sub-Committee and one of two Governors jointly responsible for data assessment within the Governing Body. Most of my career was spent in business development including strategic direction for professional service organisations; I now work for the Education Department at the Diocese of Brentwood, with particular focus on training and inspections within primary education. It is a real privilege to be part of Engayne’s Governing Body and to work with other Governors and the school to ensure that all of Engayne’s pupils have the opportunity to reach their full potential whilst enjoying their learning experiences to the maximum.

Mr P Harris  I have been a Parent Governor at Engayne for the last four years and am now a co-opted Governor and Chair of the Leadership & Management sub-committee.   I have two children in the school, I believe that Engayne is an excellent school and has helped my children reach their potentials. I bring to the Governing body experience in business and staff management, including performance management from my career in Charities and in the Higher Education sectors.

Working in Higher Education gives me a unique insight into curriculum and assessment management and how the process builds from Primary school to University.

I believe I have taken into consideration the effects on parents when making decisions in the Governing Body Meetings as well as the effects on the students and staff which sometimes conflict and a compromise has to be found.

Mr D Jones -I have lived in Upminster for over 30 years, have been a Governor at Engayne Primary School for over 20 years and have held various roles on the Governing Body in that time.  I am currently Vice-Chair of Governors, and serve on the Leadership & Management Sub-Committee. Both my (now) adult children received an excellent education at Engayne.

My professional background is in finance and music.

Mr R Mansell -I have been in education 25 years with 12 years’ experience as a successful Head of Physical Education and 8 years as a Head of Year across KS3 & 4. For the past 3 years I have been providing the Primary sector in the London Borough of Havering with INSET and CPD opportunities. I have been driving transition programmes across KS 2 and 3 phases to ensure pupil progress is seen when transferring from one to stage to another.  I have worked with 6 cluster schools and focussed on improving the transition for Mathematics and English. The main focus is bridging the gap within the curriculum as well as promoting the sharing of best practice. I have also delivered INSET on effective lesson planning in PE as well as looking at how AfL can be implemented to improve pupil learning. Currently, I am teaching at St. Patricks Catholic Primary School where I am a year 5 teacher and as well as being part of the Senior Leadership Team looking after Pupil Behaviour and Pupil Premium.

Mrs S Sankey –   I started working at Engayne in 2002 as a year 5 teacher. I have had varied roles including leading science, geography, Inclusion, then becoming Deputy Headteacher and then Headteacher in September 2012.  I have also previously taught in Plymouth and Southampton. I have taught in all year groups except reception.

During my time at Engayne I got married.  My husband is a police officer in the Met.  We have 2 boys who are aged 5 and 7.  I am originally from Cornwall so spend most holidays visiting all my family and friends at home.

In my free time (ha ha) I really enjoy sport including watching rugby, tennis and football, Plymouth Argyle are my team!  As a family we enjoy the outdoors, visiting very boy friendly museums and geocaching.  I seem to spend a lot of my time being a taxi to my children’s activities and standing on a freezing rugby touchline!

I endeavour to lead Engayne Primary School the best I can but also juggle the joys of being a mother with a young family.

Mrs D Whalley – I have been a governor at Engayne for over ten years, first becoming involved as a Parent Governor while my children attended the School, and was privileged to hold the position of Chair from 2008-2015.  I am now a Local Authority Governor and my term of office runs from 8th November 2015 to 7th November 2019.  I am also a co-opted governor at The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School.

My role within the Governing Body is that of Development and Liaison Governor which involves attending meetings at Havering and elsewhere to ensure up-to-date knowledge of Governance issues, and making sure that our Governors are receiving any training necessary to help them fulfil their roles.  I also am linked to the Year One children and will follow the cohort as they move up through the school.

My professional background is in education: I taught for 25 years at different schools in Havering in a variety of roles, taking particular interest in special needs education and literacy intervention programmes.  However I have recently left teaching to further my own studies, and am now researching for a Doctorate in Education at the University of Cambridge.

Mrs N Holland – I worked at Engayne Primary School for over 20 years and feel this has given me a broad insight into the everyday working of the school from Reception to Year 6.  Both my daughter and son attended Engayne and received a valuable education, this allowed them to successfully go on to both secondary school and university.

Following my retirement I was honoured to be asked to become a Governor and I very much look forward to serving the school.  My special responsibility is Pupil Premium.  I believe the experience of working for many years in the Special Educational Needs Department, which included the delivery of many intervention programmes, will hopefully prove useful in supporting the pupils and staff at Engayne.  Additionally I am assigned to Year 3 and look forward to following their progression through the school.

Miss K Smith-Having successfully completed my teacher training at Engayne in 2016 I have gone on to become part of the teaching staff.  I have an interest in all areas of the curriculum, particularly music. I am part of the music team and help run the weekly school choir. I have been staff governor since September 2017.

The Governing Body can be contacted via the School:-

Mark any correspondence for the attention of Mrs J Deacon, Chair of Governors, Engayne Primary School.

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Full Governing Body Meetings 2017/2018


 Date Attendees  Apologies

Leadership & Management Meetings 2017/2018

Date Attendees Apologies
06/11/2017  P Harris (Chair), J. Deacon, D. Whalley, N Wyman,   D. Rickett, S. Murphy (Obs), H Watkins (Clerk) Mrs S Sankey, Mr D Jones

Teaching & Standards Meetings 2016/2017

Date Attendees Apologies



Full Governing Body Meetings 2016/2017

 Date Attendees  Apologies
22/11/2016 J. Deacon (Chair); P. Fitzpatrick; J. Manifold; N. Francis; R. Mansell; L. Gunther; D. Ross; P. Harris; S. Sankey; N. Holland; D. Whalley; D. Jones; N. Wyman; J. Mackintosh: M. Smith (Clerk), Mrs Thompson (observer)  None
7/3/2017  J. Deacon (Chair); P. Fitzpatrick; J. Manifold; N. Francis; R. Mansell; L. Gunther; D. Ross; P. Harris; S. Sankey; N. Holland; D. Whalley; D. Jones; N. Wyman; J. Mackintosh: J. Sizer (Clerk)  None
20/6/2017  J. Deacon (Chair); P. Fitzpatrick; J. Manifold; N. Francis; R. Mansell; L. Gunther; D. Ross; P. Harris; S. Sankey; N. Holland; D. Whalley; D. Jones; N. Wyman; J. Mackintosh; J. Manifold  None

Leadership & Management Meetings 2016/2017                      

 Date  Attendees  Apologies
17/10/2016  P. Harris (Chair); J. Deacon; D. Jones; D. Whalley; S. Sankey, D. Rickett; D. Cossington (Clerk) N. Wyman
23/01/2017  P. Harris (Chair); J. Deacon; D. Jones; D. Whalley; S. Sankey, D. Rickett H.Watkins (Clerk)  N. Wyman
24/4/2017  P. Harris (Chair); J. Deacon; D. Jones; D. Whalley; S. Sankey; D. Rickett T Marsh (Clerk)  N. Wyman
1/7/2017  P. Harris (Chair); J. Deacon; D. Jones; S. Sankey; D. Rickett; N. Wyman H. Watkins (Clerk)  D. Whalley

Teaching & Standards Meetings 2016/2017

 Date              Attendees                          Apologies
28/9/2016  L. Gunther (Chair); N. Francis; J. Manifold; P. Fitzpatrick; J. Mackintosh; J. Deacon; D. Ross; R. Mansell; S. Sankey; H. Watkins (Clerk)  None
22/03/2017  L. Gunther (Chair); N. Francis; J. Manifold; P. Fitzpatrick; J. Deacon; D. Ross; S. Sankey; N. Holland; H. Watkins (Clerk)  R. Mansell & J. Mackintosh
7/6/2017  L. Gunther (Chair); N. Francis; J. Manifold; P. Fitzpatrick; J. Deacon; D. Ross; J. Mackintosh; S. Sankey; N. Holland; H. Watkins (Clerk)  R. Mansell