Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance



Week beginning  05.02.18                                                

 Annex upper          
 Main lower                         
 Main upper
 KS2 overall
 KS1 Infants
 Annex Lower
 Overall KS1
 Termly Winners
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 2VC 98.89%
 Attendance KS2 5G  98.15%
 Year Group KS1  Year 2  95.19%
 Year Group KS2  Year 6  97.22%
 House Cook  96.39%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner
 KS2  House point winner
 Winning House                                
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



WOW – Daisy  for being a polite member of the class and for always being kind and helpful.

Star writer – Elza for writing an excellent description of the explorer Raleigh.



WOW Daniel  for always coming in every day into Fleet Class with a smile and enthusiasm to learn!

Star Writer-Fleet Class for trying hard to record and label the explorer Raleigh and for impressing Miss Pumfrett during our class swaps!



Star writer- Henry  -For excellent labelling the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. Henry used his to write words to describe Raleigh then wrote a sentence remembering finger spaces. Well done Henry

WOW- James – For excellent effort with all independent activities. James works hard to produce his best work when working independently Well done James


Star Writer: Max for making a great improvement in handwriting recently. Max is remembering to slow down and use the correct formation for those tricky letters.

WOW: Frankie  for always having a positive attitude to school. Frankie always tries her best and never gives up.


Star writer: Alfie for writing a fantastic diary about climbing Mount Everest with the explorer Edmund Hillary.

WOW: Harrison for showing great enthusiasm towards our Explorers topic in Humanities week.



Star Writer – Lily – For a wonderful diary entry based on Sir Hilary Edmunds ascent of Mount Everest and a lovely description using her senses to explain the awe and fascination from the top of the world.

Wow- Beau  for really trying hard and putting in every ounce of effort she can when tackling a task.




Star Writer: Henry  For a fantastic acrostic poem about exploring. Henry worked hard to make his poem interesting and original.

WOW:  Oliver has been enthusiastic about every activity in Explorer week. He was able to talk to the school in assembly about the activities and research we had done about David Livingstone.



Star Writer -Emily  has been chosen as star writer of the week because she wrote a brilliant application to be an astronaut.

WoW- Emily has been chosen for worker of the week because she has continued to work extremely hard and produced some outstanding work.




Junior worker of the week




WOW: Harry – for an amazing DT project. Harry made his monster independently, ensuring that his pneumatic system worked and that the decoration was fixed well.

WOW: Danny  – for great perseverance during our session with Barry Howard. Danny has improved his effort in all subjects, working more independently.



Star writer: Megan for writing an imaginative ‘Explorer Wanted’ poster. Well done!

WOW: Timothy for showing great enthusiasm towards our Explorers topic in Humanities week


WOW – Emily made a groovy looking moving monster. She followed her design carefully and helped others with theirs so that the pneumatic  system worked properly

Star Writer:  James has worked really hard all year on improving his handwriting. Its size and consistency has improved so much because he has persevered – well done James!



Wow – Seb  and George  – For great work researching the explorer David Livingstone, writing an imaginary interview with him and using the Puppet Pals app to create an animation of the interview – Great work boys!


WOW – Oliver  – for working very hard to produce a ‘Puppet Pal’ interview, using special effects, accents, movements and backgrounds. It was a very entertaining piece. Well done!

Star Writer– Tegan – for producing a very informative interview using the ‘Puppet Pals’ app. She used key facts about the explorer David Livingstone and put these together in a creative way. Well done, Tegan!


Star Writer- Logan  – for working hard to produce a great descriptive paragraph detailing Little Bull’s adventure. A brilliant effort! Well done.

WOW – Scarlett – for showing great enthusiasm and confidence in outdoor activities during humanities week. Scarlett was particularly great at using her map to navigate her way around the school. Keep up the great work.



Star writer: Oliver  for writing an exceptional diary entry as Captain James Cook.

WOW: Harry  for continuing to grow in confidence and push himself further each day


Star writer: Phoebe  for writing a great diary entry as Captain James Cook.

WOW: Freddie  for a super effort during Explorers week. Freddie worked hard and tried his best






Star writer:  Alayna produced an excellent poem about walking on the moon. She used a range of figurative language effectively, as a way of creating a very atmospheric poem, which grabbed the reader’s attention. Well done, Alayna.

WOW:  Joss made a very mature contribution to our class debate about online safety, which was attended by our Chair of Governors, Mrs Deacon. He showed an impressive awareness of the dangers of social media and what measures to take to stay safe online. He also ensured to back up his opinions with examples. Great work, Joss.



Star writer:  Jasmine produced a fantastic opening for an adventure story. She enticed the reader and created a very eerie atmosphere. Well done, Jasmine!

WOW:  Olivia wrote a fantastic poem about space. Great use of rhyme, rhythm and figurative language.


Wow – Jack – for his effort and performance in class recently. Jack is showing a good attitude, completing his work competently and participating in class discussions. Well done and keep this up.

Star – Emily and Morgan – for writing beautiful poems about the moon and presenting them neatly.