Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

155 certificates were awarded for 100% in SPRING term. Well done!

The Investors In Pupils Awards have been very successful in terms of encouraging the children to attend school, keep their classrooms tidy and also work hard for our mid day assistants.

Winners of the attendance award for Summer are Fleet  and  5G who earned  a morning of Science and Technology activities with Ms Mills.

1B and 4S have won the Mid Day assistant award for the term and year. The classes ate lunch with their teacher under the new canopy and are having a dance session delivered by Razzamajazz.

Tidiest classroom  of the term and  year award went to 2VC and 5P  and those classes too enjoyed lunch with their teacher outside under the canopy as well as a  dance session each delivered by Razzamajazz.

Reception and Year 5 are the best attending Year groups for the year and were able to enjoy a sports session with Mr Clare and some juggling tuition form Mr Manifold.

The children from Raleigh are due to have an exclusive additional playtime due to their excellent attendance.


Week beginning  26.06.18                                                

 Annex upper          
 Main lower                         
 Main upper
 KS2 overall
 KS1 Infants
 Annex Lower
 Overall KS1
 Termly Winners
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 Fleet 96.94%
 Attendance KS2 5G 97.43%
 Year Group KS1 Year 2 96.28%
 Year Group KS2 Year 5 96.67%
 House Raleigh 96.32%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner Raleigh& Cook 66
 KS2  House point winner Raleigh 138
 Winning House                                 Raleigh 204
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



WOW – Franklin  for listening well to instructions.

Star writer – Sophie  for trying hard to use her sounds to write facts about a firefighter. Well done!



WOW-Fleet Class for listening carefully to instructions and trying their best to remember the routine during our Dance Morning rehearsals.

Star Writer- Max for trying hard to spell words and use his sounds to complete the firefighter sentences


WOW- James For working hard and listening well, showing he was always ready to learn. Well done James

Star Writer- Harrison – For good effort when writing about a fire fighter. Harrison tried hard to hear and write sounds in words. Well done



Star Writer: Harvey  for making a huge improvement in his writing. Harvey’s diary entry as Mr Grinling was the best piece of writing he has done this year. He has learnt to focus more in class and not worry about making mistakes.

WOW: William  for always offering to help someone in need. William is an excellent role model in 1B!


WOW: Archie  for being kind and thoughtful to another child in class when they were upset.

Star Writer: Imogen for writing an excellent diary in the role of Mr Grindling. She included adjectives and commas for lists and wrote a detailed account.


WOW: Frankie – For always trying hard and producing good quality work in every subject.

Star Writer: Lillie  for a wonderful diary entry as the lighthouse keeper.





WoW –  Charlie is a super role model to his peers and is always ready to learn.  His effort is always brilliant!

Star Writer – Jai – For using brilliant conjunctions and excellent paragraphs in our recount of the finger eater story.  His use of descriptive language made it interesting to read.




Star writer-  Jesse has been chosen as the star writer because he used conjunctions and stayed in character the whole way through his piece of writing.

Wow- Alicia has been chosen as the worker of the week because she always tries her best and is a very good role model to the rest of the class.



Junior worker of the week

      10. 07.18               



Star Writer – Joe  – for writing a very imaginative and creative poem about his favourite things. Joe has worked hard to improve his handwriting and remembered to include adjectives and similes. Well done!

WOW: Hanelle – for continuing to work hard in all subjects. Hanelle always perseveres, gives her best and listens to the advice of her teachers.  Keep up the good work!


Star Writer – Millie for writing an imaginative and descriptive poem called the magic box.

WOW: , Yun  for continued effort in all areas of the curriculum and for supporting her peers and being friendly and supportive


Star writer – Coco  wrote a fantastic poem about what imaginative things she would put into her box. She made it very personal, and used a range of poetic features including personification.


WOW – Riley  has really stepped up his effort and raised his game in class this term. Keep up the great effort Riley!





Star Writer – Lucie – for producing a humorous poem about ‘Things found on a Teacher’s Desk’. She was able to include metaphors, figurative language and lots of cheeky phrases which was enjoyed by everyone in the class. Well done Lucie – fantastic focus during this lesson too!

WOW – Alex  –for being an outstanding member of 4BB. For always working hard, participating in class discussions, asking questions and behaving impeccably.  Fantastic work Alex!



Star Writer – Ray  for writing a great poem about ten things found on a teacher’s desk. Ray used a range of descriptive language to create some fantastic imagery. Keep up the great work!

WOW –   Freya displays fantastic determination and never gives up. She led her group extremely well when building the tallest tower in DT and was not afraid to try different ideas. Well done!








WOW: Shannon   For the excellent attitude she demonstrated towards handling the creatures during the Zoo Lab experiences, especially whilst holding a snake and cockroach.

WOW: Hannah  For showing such a positive attitude whilst learning the moves for our Year Five dance and performing them so enthusiastically during rehearsals.



Star Writer:  Mason wrote a super biography about Charles Darwin, which was well-organised and which incorporated an appropriate formal tone. Well done, Mason.

WOW:  Frankie created an excellent poster, identifying the features of waterfalls and describing how they are formed, in the upper course of a river.