Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance



Week beginning  10.09.18                                                

 Annex upper           5R
 Main lower                          5A
 Main upper 4B
 KS2 overall 4B
 KS1 Infants 1B
 Annex Lower 2C
 Overall KS1 2C
 Termly Winners
 KS1 All classes achieved green award
 KS2  All classes achieved green award
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 Trent & 2C 100%
 Attendance KS2 3T,4C,6P 100%
 Year Group KS1 Year 1 98.67
 Year Group KS2 Year 4 99.67%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner
 KS2  House point winner
 Winning House                                
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week










Star Writer: Oceano  for designing a perfect world full of cars and mountains. Oceano tried hard to present his work nicely and sit his letters on the line.

WOW: Franklin  for settling into Year 1 wonderfully and completing all his jobs each day at his workstation. Franklin has also been trying really hard to sit on his spot during carpet time. Keep up the great work Franklin!


Star writer: Delilah  for a beautiful idea to create a perfect world by everybody growing fruit.

WOW: Nellyann  for settling well into her new class and making lots of lovely new friends.




Star writer: Fletcher- for a fantastic invitation to his parents inviting them to our tiger tea party. He worked really hard to copy the information clearly.

WoW: Willow  – For being a fantastic member of the class and always persevering even if something was challenging.



Star writer-Mason is star writer this week because he used some wonderful adjectives in his work describing the enormous crocodile (terrifying). He remembered commas when writing the adjectives in a sentence and checked his work when he had finished.

WOW– Frankie always listens attentively in all lessons and perseveres even when he might find some work tricky.  He listens to instructions carefully and will always ask if he is unsure. Frankie always works hard and volunteers to answer questions.




Star writer-  Lily is the star writer this week because she used punctuation well in her work and checked through what she had written to make improvements on her own. Well done Lily!

WOW-  Connor has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because he always gets on with his work quietly and finishes it to the best of his ability. He tries hard to make any corrections or improvements to his work. Connor also always puts his hand up to answer a question.



Star writer –  Elodie is star writer this week because she listened carefully to top tips and inserted these within her writing. She took care with her presentation and added in wonderful adjectives and verbs. Well done, Elodie.

WOW –  Amelie has been chosen as the worker of the week because she always contributes thought-provoking questions within lessons. She is a consistent hard worker who always listens to advice and takes this on board when completing her work.





Junior worker of the week

      18 09.18               



Star writer: Emily wrote a fantastic description of Max from the book The Hodgeheg. She used 2A sentences, conjunctions and used some interesting vocabulary. Excellent work!

WOW: Ethan has shown a brilliant attitude towards learning by putting his hand up lots to answer questions and he always tries hard


Star Writer – Maisy  – for writing a description of Max from the book The Hodgeheg She used some interesting vocabulary and detail of the character. Excellent work!

WOW – Emilio  – for showing an improved attitude and working hard to listen to instructions the first time.


Pema wrote a splendid description of Max the Hodgehog! She included a great range of descriptive devices and thoughtful vocabulary to add immense detail for the reader. Well done Pema!

WOW: Charlie  has come into school all week with a really good attitude towards learning. He has shown good attention and has made good decisions to try and improve the quality of his work.


Star Writer:  Andrea  – for a great description of Varjak Paw using contrasting conjunctions and relative clauses.

WOW: Barney  – for sensible behaviour and full effort in all tasks. Well done Barney




Star Writer – Kai  – great editing and redrafting in his descriptive writing.

WOW – Rhys – listening well and taking on advice when given.



WoW – Charlie – For always finishing tasks quickly and quietly and for being so helpful around the classroom.  Well done and thank you for being helpful!

Star writer – Ellie  – For a super description of Varjak Paw.  Ellie worked hard to think of brilliant adjectives, pronouns (as sentence starters) and contrasting conjunctions.  Well done.




Star Writer – Tegan – for producing a high quality description of the Midnight Fox.

WOW – Ruby  – for continuing to push herself in all aspects of school life.



Star Writer: Evie  for writing a wonderful description of the Midnight Fox where she was able to use effective figurative language.

WOW: Arishnan  for being enthusiastic and working hard in all lessons. Arishnan takes pride in his work and presentation.



Star Writer – Jack for writing a fantastic description of the Midnight Fox using a range of figurative language. Keep up the great work!

WOW –  Amber is an enthusiastic, positive and hardworking member of 5R. She is a great role model to others and gives all work 100% effort. Keep up the positivity!



Star writer –  Lila-Rose produced an excellent draft version of a wartime diary entry, using some ambitious adjectives to describe how Tom Oakley felt about taking in an evacuee, William Beech, for the first time.

WOW –  Thomas created a poster about the dangers of electricity, which was very convincing about why it is so important to keep clear of electricity. His use of vocabulary to put across his points was also accurate and relevant to the task.


Star Writer – Lucksha and Connie – for writing a descriptive diary entry as a character from a book and using ambitious punctuation too.

WOW – Poppy – for showing a great attitude and working hard on all tasks all of the time.


Star writer: Grace  For producing a good quality diary entry using a range of sentence structures and interesting language, which was engaging to read.

WOW: Steven   For showing an excellent understanding of both long multiplication and division methods, which he applied effectively when solving word problems.