Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning13.11.17                                                   

 Annex upper            5G
 Main lower                           3BR
 Main upper  4S
 KS2 overall 3BR
 KS1 Infants  1B
 Annex Lower  2BT
 Overall KS1  1B
 Termly Winners
 KS1  1L
 KS2   6J
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1  Trent  99.00%
 Attendance KS2  4B  100%
 Year Group KS1  EYFS  97.22%
 Year Group KS2 Year 5  98.76%
 House  Cook  97.95%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner  Raleigh  55
 KS2  House point winner  Cook  194
 Winning House                                  Cook  244

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



WOW – Lewis for making a great effort to blend words when he is reading. Well done!

Star writer – Isabel for working hard to write Hickory Dickory Dock using her sounds. Well done



Star Writer-Jack for using is sounds to record the nursery rhyme of ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ without any help! Well done for not rushing your writing this week!

WOW- Megan  for singing different nursery rhymes in front of the class everyday!



WOW- Daya  For settling into Trent Class and making new friends. Daya has settled well into the class and has enjoyed her first full week at Engayne.

Star Writer- Sophia l For writing nursery rhymes using her sounds. Sophia tried hard to use finger spaces and form letters correctly. Well done Sophia



WOW – Max  for improving his listening skills dramatically. Max is trying hard to concentrate on the carpet.

Star writer: Ruby for using her sounds independently to write her weekend news. Well done Ruby



Star writer: Sienna  for describing a busy street scene independently using adjectives and time words.

WOW: Hallie  as she has scored full marks for her spelling test on consecutive weeks.


Star Writer: Mark  for a wonderful description of a street scene describing what he can see hear and smell.

WOW Charlotte : for always persevering and trying her hardest even when she finds something tough.



WOW –  Harriet is this week’s Wow winner for her enthusiasm for all lessons, she is eager to learn and do her best every day.

Star writer: Leela  is this week’s star writer for her fantastic report on the ‘First Moon Landing’ she used some great description and conjunctions in her work.



Wow – Olivia  – For being so well behaved all week and for really impressing me with her excellent vocabulary and description on our report of the moon landings.

Star writer  – Blake has been working really hard on his handwriting recently; managing to keep his letters in the blue lines in our handwriting books has been a particular highlight!


WOW-  Isabella has been trying really hard with all her work recently. She has concentrated incredibly hard during our carpet input sessions and has therefore been able to work with independence when at the table. She has been trying hard to put into her work everything that I have been looking for and to improve her work.

Star writer-  Jerry has been trying really hard with his writing and wrote two sections of his non-chronological report on his own this week, using some conjunctions and sounding


Junior worker of the week




Star Writer: Brooke  wrote some great descriptive sentences using adjectives and similes to describe different settings. She thought about the exciting vocabulary she could use! Well done Brooke!

WOW: Ollie has worked hard in every subject this week. He has shown perseverance when tackling trickier tasks and has improved his own work before even being asked especially in English! Keep up the good work!



Star writer- Adam  has been trying really hard with his writing and wrote two sections of his letter on his own this week, using some conjunctions and sounding his work out.

WOW –Millie is this week’s Wow winner for her enthusiasm for all lessons, she is eager to learn and do her best every day.



WOW: Mille worked very impressively in maths this week. She used her ruler accurately to compare the sizes of different of lengths. Being sure to check as she went along, Millie avoided making mistakes, an excellent example of how to be a W.O.W

Star writer: Emma  wrote an impressive letter this week, in the character of Little Nose. She demonstrated a confident understanding of rhetorical questions and exclamations, and used paragraphs to organise her ideas. Well done Emma!


Star Writer – Thomas  for an excellent description of a scene from ‘The Arrival’. Thomas used embedded clauses to good effect.

WOW –  Chloe applies her best efforts to all activities. She works with great concentration and perseverance. Well done Chloe!


Star Writer –  Leni wrote a fantastic description about a scene from ‘The Arrival’ and included ‘drop in’ sentences as well. Keep up this great focus!

WOW – Jaina – For her excellent behaviour on our school trip. She represented our school very well and was extremely focused throughout the day. Well done!


Star Writer – Giovanna  For trying hard to use a variety of fronted adverbials in her writing and ensuring she used a comma correctly. Giovanna wrote a great description about a scene from the Arrival. Very well done.

WOW –  Logan continuously works hard in all that he does. He will always participate in class discussions and is working incredibly hard to continue improving his confidence in all subjects. Well done Logan.



Star writer – Kizzie  For producing a magnificent play script based on our class book. She considered stage direction and actions throughout her piece of work.

Wow – Hayden – For showing a new found belief and confidence in maths.



Star Writer – Lochlan for writing a super play script. Lochlan used detailed stage directions and lively dialogue between characters.

WOW – Grace  – for always working hard and trying her best. Grace is a great role model to others.



Star Writer: Isabella For listening to advice and applying new skills taught, whilst editing her draft work. Her subsequent section of a play script, which used stage directions effectively, was very interesting to read.

WOW:  Arthur performed skilfully during gymnastics, whilst creating sequences of movement. He showed his ability to adapt his ideas as he moved between the floor and apparatus and it was great to see him challenge himself to keep improving his work.



 Star writer:  Jadesola wrote an excellent narrative about the Jabberwocky, which was full of suspense and which used lots of similes and personification to create very descriptive mental images in her readers’ minds. A super piece of writing, Jade!

WOW:,Sam used research really effectively to identify the causes and consequences of The Blitz, during World War Two. He was also able to draw on his research to provide an accurate analysis of why certain locations were bombed, during the first night of The Blitz. Well done, Sam!





Star writers – Jake  and Lara  – both of these children worked hard to create mood and suspense through detailed description, short sentences and mystery.

Wow – George .George and  Lily  – for showing great progress in their arithmetic.