Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning   18.09.17                                                   

 Annex upper            5P
 Main lower                           6F
 Main upper  4B
 KS2 overall  5P
 KS1 Infants  1B
 Annex Lower  2VC
 Overall KS1  1B
 Termly Winners
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1  Fleet/2VC  100%
 Attendance KS2  5G  100%
 Year Group KS1  Reception  98.89%
 Year Group KS2  6  98.09%
 House  Raleigh  99.12%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner  Livingstone
 KS2  House point winner  Cook
 Winning House                                  Cook

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week









WOW – Isaac  for impressing me so much with his sensible behaviour and mature attitude to learning. Well done!

Star writer – Anjayen    for writing a fabulous tiger description using adjectives.


Star writer: Lennie  for improved handwriting and trying hard to form all letters correctly.

WOW: Valentine  for being a good role model in and outside of the classroom.


Star writer: Dylan- for a fantastic description of a tiger. He wrote using full sentences and descriptive language.

Izabela  – For always listening carefully to an adult and trying her best when asked to do something. She has settled into school extremely well.


WOW – Sonny for brilliant effort in his maths, English and reading last week. Miss Thomas really enjoyed your reading and you have been working hard.

Star writer – Millie  wrote a fantastic diary as ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. She used beautiful handwriting, perfect spelling and included lots of conjunctions and contractions.


WoW – Georgia – for being an excellent role model to her class mates and trying hard on every task.

Star Writer – Nigel – Nigel has worked really hard this week on his presentation when writing and wrote a fantastic diary, completely independently, pretending to be the ‘enormous crocodile.’



WOW- Jaxon  has been concentrating incredibly hard during this week in all lessons. As a result he has been completing all the success criteria I have been looking for and his work has improved.

Star writer-  Freddie  is the star writer this week because he has been working hard to improve his handwriting during handwriting lessons and this is now starting to filter into his writing in his English book.



Junior worker of the week



Star Writer – Hanelle  – For following instructions and writing in full sentences (using beautiful handwriting) to complete a comprehension activity.  Keep up the good work!

WOW– Frankie  –  For working continuously hard throughout the week and for always being willing to help others.  Well done!



Amar ; Star Writer; For listening carefully and producing a detailed diagram with labels about opaque and translucent. Fantastic effort!

WOW; Kirk has worked hard all week and shown a real determination to do his best. He has listened in class, answered several questions and he has really impressed me this week.



Star Writer: Zachary  – for giving the next level set of spellings a go and achieving a fantastic result. What a great attitude towards his learning!

WOW:  – Coco has shown great maturity all week long, following instructions the first time they are given and concentrating superbly – a brilliant role model for KS2





  Star Writer – Luke –  for writing a great character description of the fierce dog that Varjak Paw met on his travels Outside.  He used some powerful verbs, interesting adjectives, similes and imagery in his writing. Well done!

WOW – Isa  – For his excellent effort he has been putting into all his subjects this week, especially noted in French lessons. He has focused on ensuring he is pronouncing the words accurately, which has been very impressive. Keep up this wonderful effort, Isa!


Star Writer – Chloe– For writing a fantastic character description about Varjak Paw meeting a dog using a variety of superlatives, similes and some conjunctions. A fantastic effort Chloe!

WOW – Luke – Luke has worked hard in handwriting to improve the consistency and joining of letters and is producing fantastic handwriting in all subjects. Well done!


Star Writer – Charlotte – For listening carefully and producing a wonderful diagram with a fact file about day and night. Fantastic effort!

WOW– Oliver– For outstanding effort in all areas and his ability to push himself further to achieve his targets. Great work!


Wow- Phoebe – for always demonstrating a positive attitude to work in class. Phoebe is always smiling and ready to learn.

WOW- James  – for working hard to learn his 8 x’s table this week. James was able to apply his knowledge to problems in maths


Star Writer: Georgina . In science, Georgina gathered relevant information and then produced detailed factual descriptions that compared the Sun, Earth and Moon. In addition, her written explanation of how we have day and night showed great use of scientific language and was very well organised.

WOW: Alfie has demonstrated a very positive attitude towards improving his skills: in class he listens well and always tries his best; at home he has been completing extra maths work and persevering with story books, even though he prefers factual books. Well done, Alfie.



WOW: George has a voracious appetite for reading, as evidenced by the amount and variety of reading he has done at home, so far this term. He really enjoys classic texts and I’ve been so impressed that I’ve now started now reading a Terry Pratchett novel, recommended by George. Well done George.


Wow – Owen for completing all awards for the 6x table. Owen works extremely hard and applies his times table knowledge into numerous mathematical reasoning problems. Keep up the hard work Owen


Wow – George  – for outstanding geography knowledge. During a History lesson the children had to identify countries around the world and George impressed me several times with how many countries he could identify. Also he has now achieved 2 weeks in a row of full marks in the times tables tests.