Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning      13.04.19                                          

 Annex upper           5R
 Main lower                          3M
 Main upper 6F
 KS2 overall 6F
 KS1 Infants FLEET
 Annex Lower 2C
 Overall KS1 FLEET
 Termly Winners
 KS2  3BK/3M
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 1L 100%
 Attendance KS2 3BK 99.67%
 Year Group KS1 Year 1 97.67%
 Year Group KS2 Year 5 99.33%
 House Livingstone 98.72%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner  Cook 121
 KS2  House point winner Cook 90
 Winning House                                 Cook 211
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



Star writer – Myla C for writing an excellent recount about the Easter craft morning. She worked hard to remember how to write tricky words and sound out words correctly. Well done! J

WOW – Kiara G for reading her work out to Year 6. She was very brave and used a clear voice. Well done!


Star Writer – Xiangpeng C – For an excellent recount about the Easter craft morning. Chen worked hard to write about the morning using is sounds correctly and remembering finger spaces. Great work

WOW- Trent Class – For participating in all the Easter craft activities and sharing resources when the mums and nans came to visit. Well done Trent Class


WOW Fleet Class for being so sensible and enthusiastic when celebrating our ‘Mum’s and Nan’s Day’. You all tired hard to join in and show your adult how to make the special Easter Crafts!

Star Writer-Amirah A for using her sounds independently to write her own letter to the Easter Bunny!


Star Writer – Dulcie B for writing a super recount of 1B’s café. Dulcie has been working hard to apply her phonics independently and use time words too.

WOW – Lewis M for working hard in his role as a school councillor for year 1. Lewis is very keen to make our school a better place!


WOW: Chase B for always contributing to class discussions and listening well during carpet time.

Star Writer: Phoebe B for writing a fantastic recount of our café. She remembered to use full stops, capitals and time words!


Liam C: For a wonderful recount of his role as a waiter during 1l’s café. He was able to sequence the events of the day.

Alfred S: For always trying his best and working hard to ensure he follows the school rules and is a good role model for his peers.


Wow – Mason C – Mason has been chosen as the worker of the week because he showed his team spirit this week working with other children in the class. He always works hard and is keen to share his ideas. Keep up the good work Mason!

Star writer- Alexa S – Alexa has been chosen as the star writer because she wrote a very detailed and imaginative story for our class book ‘Flotsam’. She used her best handwriting and remembered to include a range of sentence starters, adjectives and conjunctions to make her story exciting! Well done Alexa!


Wow- Maxx C- Maxx has been chosen as the worker of the week because of his new found determination to succeed. This was particularly evident when he was writing in all subjects and trying to use the word ‘because’. Keep it up Maxx!

Star writer- Dylan M- Dylan has been chosen as the star writer because he wrote a lovely story for the book Flotsam. He tried hard with his handwriting and to keep his work in the first person as well as using lots of the Year 2 writing features. Well done Dylan!


Wow- Oscar S. Oscar has been chosen as worker of the week because he has been working hard in every subject. He always completes his work to a high standard and then offers to help other children around the class. Superstar!

Star writer- Lucy P-B. Lucy has been chosen as star writer this week for her fantastic Flotsam story. She worked hard to include adjectives and conjunctions… AND her handwriting was beautiful!












Junior worker of the week




Star Writer – Ted C – A fantastic write-up of his original draft letter from Mr Tumnus. Ted used editing time wisely, responded well to R jobs and created a fantastic emotional letter. Super handwriting too (achieving a pen license!)

WOW – Max S for always working hard, persevering during a challenge and putting 100% effort into everything that he does.


WOW – Vaishik P for always working hard and supporting others when needed.

WOW – Thomas N for showing good perseverance and never giving up!


WOW – Robert A for always working to be best of his ability and trying hard to share.

WOW – Millie B for working really hard in maths and attempting to tackle reasoning problems with more confidence.


Star writer: Jamie P for writing a great fashion report on the newest designer skirt! He used appropriate language to describe the skirt’s material and the positive and negatives of wearing it.

Wow Amelia C for always trying her best in lessons. Amelia has been trying hard to listen carefully to what she has been asked to do and is always eager to do her best.


Star writer: Charlie W – Charlie wrote a brilliant fashion report for an item of clothing he had tried on. He used great paragraphs to clearly group his ideas, with fantastic vocabulary to show positives and negatives.

WoW: Timothy F – for creating a brilliant habitat project, with his team. Tim was instrumental in adding ideas and drawings to his teams’ final product. Well done.


Star Writer – Poopy M-G for a brilliant character description and use of adjectives.

WOW – Keria S for a great power point and a sensible attitude when it didn’t save properly.


Star Writer – Giovanna T for producing a very informative scientific poster about an amphibians life cycle. Great work Giovanna keep it up!

WOW – All of 5R for working incredibly hard and putting on a fantastic class assembly. Well done!


WOW – Darrell O for always working to be best of his ability. Darrell is hardworking and consciencious in all lessons.

WOW – Katie T – for working really hard in maths and tackling reasoning problems with confidence.



WOW – Teegan D and Ruby A – for working hard in maths and doing so with confidence.


Star Writer: Tabitha L. Tabby wrote a super story about waiting in a queue. Her story was full of interesting description and she also used speech dialogue in a way that told the readers exactly what the characters in her story were like. Well done, Tabby!

WOW: Dylan L. Dylan produced some super French work about telling the time. To ensure that he could complete the activity accurately, he did some extra work on telling the time at home and in class and his determination to complete the work to the best of his ability really impressed me. Great work, Dylan!


Star writers: Maesie O: For using sentence structure and punctuation effectively to develop a well-organised story, which I enjoyed reading. Great work, Maesie.

WOW: Sam B: For showing great understanding when learning how to construct a pie chart to show the creatures we found in the River Ingrebourne. He calculated his angles accurately and presented his pie chart very well.


Wow – Kizzie T and Lucksha A – for creating an excellent model of a river course.

Star – Kaycie B – for working hard to create a detailed story and meet her targets.