Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning      11 .03.19                                          

 Annex upper           6N
 Main lower                          5A
 Main upper 4B
 KS2 overall 6N
 KS1 Infants 1B
 Annex Lower 2BR
 Overall KS1 1B
 Termly Winners
 KS1 2J
 KS2  6P,6N,6F
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 2C 100%
 Attendance KS2 3BK/5A 99.33%
 Year Group KS1 Year 2 97.95%
 Year Group KS2 Year 6 96.56%
 House cook 97.86%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner  Livingstone 133
 KS2  House point winner Drake 122
 Winning House                                 Drake 212
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week




WOW – Elise  for working hard with her reading this week. She was able to read lots of tricky words and sound out words in her books. Well done!

Star writer – Jake  for writing excellent sentences about the setting of the Billy Goat’s Gruff story. He remembered to sound out each word. Well done!





WOW Sabia  for fantastic hard work and determination when learning about Capacity during Maths this week.

Star Writer Elle-Louise  for trying hard to write the Three Billy Goats Gruff story and label a picture independently. Well Done!





WOW- Olivia – For super effort in phonics. Olivia is writing sentences independently and listening carefully to hear all sounds within the worlds. Well Done Olivia

Star Writer- Lilly – For excellent effort in reading. Lilly is working hard to sound out words and blend them together. Well done Lilly




WOW – Dhoon  for always following the class rules and trying her best in everything she does. Dhoon has got an excellent attitude to learning.

Star Writer – Calli  for working really hard on her recount about the toy trip. Calli remember to use her sentence starters and the word bank for support. Well done Calli.



WOW: Jayden  for drawing and labelling his favourite toy. He worked so hard on this!

Star writer: Charlie for completing an excellent rhyming poem, working independently as well.




Star Writer-Maisie  For trying hard to use rhyming couplets when looking at poetry. She is able to find rhyming words containing the same letter strings when writing poetry.

WoW-James who always sets a good example for his friends and for always persevering and trying his best in all he does.




Wow  – Florence has been chosen as the worker of the week because she always works hard, tries her best and perseveres even when she finds tasks tricky. She is always very polite and extremely helpful, offering to help with jobs in the classroom. Well done Florence!

Star writer –  Owen has been chosen as the star writer because he worked really hard to produce a fantastic ‘Wanted’ poster for a character in the story ‘Zoo’. He remembered to include adjectives, conjunctions and a simile as well as checking his capital letters and full stops. Keep up the good work Owen!



Wow- Lexi has been chosen as the worker of the week because of her continued perseverance with work. She always tries her best with work and is very helpful. Well done Lexi.

Star writer- James has been chosen as the star writer because he concentrated on his writing to produce a very pleasing wanted poster about one of the characters in our story. He used conjunctions and his sentences were clear. Well done James.





Wow- Zayn   has been chosen as worker of the week because he puts in 100% effort into every task and always does it with a smile on his face. Keep up the good work.

Star writer-  Gersa has been chosen as star writer for her fantastic wanted poster which included a detailed description and TWO similes! Well done, Gersa.




Junior worker of the week




Star writer- Isabella started with excellent original ideas for rhyming strings and added detail around these to create the verses of her poem. She is also working hard on maintaining joins and consistent size when writing, even in draft work.

WOW-  Emily works incredibly hard in every subject and has a positive attitude towards learning. She always strives to meet a challenge. Great work Emily!


WOW – Piers -for being consistently good in music this term.  Piers has tried hard to read musical notation.

Star writer- Leela  has been chosen as the star writer because she concentrated on her writing to produce a very pleasing rhyming poem called ‘Down behind the dustbin’ Well done Leela.



Star Writer – Durga  – for a very creatively written poem. Durga planned her poem well and thought of lots of suitable rhyming words to make a memorable and humorous poem.


WOW –  Abigail has been an outstanding worker this week. In particular she really impressed the class with her performance of Lucy, recreating a dramatic scene from ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’.




WOW – Aiden  and Phoebe  for great co-operative work on their website/ PowerPoint about the Canary Islands. They added pictures, information and video and hyperlinked their navigation bar to the appropriate pages. Well done!








Star writer – – Yun wrote some lovely adjectives and some great embedded clauses, when describing Little Bull from the Indian in the cupboard. Well Done!

WoW – Abraham always challenges himself in all lessons to do his best. In English, he will always think of better vocabulary and in maths he will keep working on problems until he solves them. What a great attitude!




Star Writer – Macey– for working hard to describe Count Olaf in a thoughtful manner.

Wow – Sophie  – for showing resilience when things didn’t go her way and rising up to overcome her fears.



Star writer – Miah for some wonderful cross curricular (Art & English). Mia chose descriptive words to describe Count Olaf.


WOW – Michael  – for being enthusiastic and hard working in music this week  Michael made a real effort to read musical notation.





Star Writer – Grace  for using great descriptive language to describe Count Olaf.

WOW – Giovanna  for showing brilliant determination in science when conducting a scientific investigation. Giovanna worked very hard in her group and came up with a variety of ideas and wrote a great summary.



Star Writer:  Niamh produced an excellent first draft of a complaint letter to Sainsbury’s. She ensured to include some ambitious vocabulary to engage her readers and she also used fronted adverbials and repetition effectively to make sure that her writing flowed well. Super work, Niamh.

WOW:  Daniel wrote an accurate and descriptive paragraph in French, describing his imaginary friend. Merveilleux travail, Daniel!



Star – Harry  – for working hard to write a detailed and persuasive letter.

WOW – Harrison  – for working harder and scoring well in reading comprehensions and a recent science quiz.