Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance



Week beginning  12.03.18                                                

 Annex upper            6J
 Main lower                           6F
 Main upper  4S
 KS2 overall  6J
 KS1 Infants  1BC
 Annex Lower  2VC
 Overall KS1  2VC
 Termly Winners
 KS1  1L
 KS2  4S
 KS1  1B
 KS2   5P
 Termly Winners
KS1  1B
 KS2  5P
 Attendance KS1 1BC / 2BT 100%
 Attendance KS2 4S  100%
 Year Group KS1  Year 2  97.00%
 Year Group KS2  Year 3  97.75%
 House Drake  97.18%
 Termly Winners
 KS1  1BC
 KS2  3M
 Year Group KS1  Year 2
 Year Group KS2  Year 5
 House  Cook
 KS1  House point winner  Drake  84
 KS2  House point winner  Cook  222
 Winning House                                  Livingstone  297
Termly Winners
Overall  Drake

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



Star Writer – Cleo for working hard to form her letters correctly. Well done!

WOW – Callista for trying hard to complete more independent activities. Well done!


 Star Writer Brogan for writing a fantastic description about a flower.

WOW Madeleine for taking her time and not rushing her independent work. 


Star Writer – Nitara – For great effort with independent writing. Nitara is working hard to complete writing tasks and form letters correctly. Keep up the great work. Well done Nitara

WOW- George- For great engagement and concentration during whole class and independent activities. Well done George



WOW – Regan  for trying really hard to learn his phonic sounds both in school and at home. Keep it up!

Star Writer – Ethan for writing an independent recount of this Easter holidays. Ethan has been working hard to use capital letters and full stops. Well done.



Wow: Henry  for improved concentration in class and being a good role model to others.

Star Writer: Ronnie  for excellent handwriting.



Star Writer – Poppy for a wonderful recount of her Easter holiday.

WOW: Jake for always trying his best and showing determination to achieve his best.


Star Writer: Millie  for a fantastic description of the sea picture using adjectives, similes and a range of adverbs to paint a picture with her text.

WOW: Tommy  for being attentive in class and focussing on his work setting an example to his peers in class.


Wow  Jai always gives fantastic, well thought out answers to questions in class and was a superstar in maths, converting analogue to digital time as an extension.

Star writer: Charlie was great this week when describing a scene from ‘Flotsam’.  He used super adjectives, senses and a simile.  His full stops and capitals were perfect!



Star writer-  Jaxon has been chosen as the star writer because he worked on his own to write a description using lots of adjectives and he tried hard to use conjunctions as well.

Wow- Toby has been chosen as the worker of the week because he has put in a lot of effort during this first week of the half term and has completed all his work to a good standard.



Junior worker of the week




WOW: Riley  worked very well during our Quad trials, trying his best in all activities!

Star writer: Daniel  used all his senses to write descriptive sentences about Pompeii.  He remembered to use powerful verbs and adverbs to make his writing more exciting!



WOW; Evie  gives well thought out answers to questions in class and was a superstar in maths, using jumping to find the difference.

Star writer: Frankie  was great this week when describing a scene from Pompeii.  He used super adjectives, senses and adverbials.  His full stops and capitals were perfect!


WOW: Kiara moved up another book band this week. She has been a superstar with her reading, being able to show a good understanding of what she has read, offering reasonable opinions –well done!

Star Writer: Millie  used a variety of senses to describe Pompeii. She also improved her writing by using adverbials to describe where, how or when the action was taking place for extra detail.



WOW: Fenton  has shown great enthusiasm in PE, with excellent and precise throwing last week and this week. He has also made sure to encourage the rest of the class.

Star Writer: Eva  used semi-colons confidently when working independently and made sure to consider all the details from our book, Boy in the Dress.



WOW – Matthew – For being so focused in class and either working very well independently or with a partner to produce his best work. Excellent effort!

Star Writer –  Mia worked hard to use a semi-colon correctly. She needed some help to get started and then used the advice to produce some great writing with accurate semi-colons! Well done Mia!




Star Writer – Jake for writing a great character profile focusing on Dennis from The Boy in the Dress. Jake was able to use interesting vocabulary and semicolons correctly. Very well done!

WOW – Chloe  for concentrating and displaying great technique when playing the djembe drum in music.


Star Writer – Josh For producing a wonderful piece of poetry and showing resilience in order to edit and improve his work.

Wow – Scarlet  – For showing a great understanding of percentages and helping others to improve.




Star Writer: Oliver  I really enjoyed reading his poetry about Mischief Mouse: his idea was unique and he used repetition effectively to entertain the reader.

WOW: Sophia  For the enthusiasm she displayed whilst finding out about places in South America, and showing she understands how to use an atlas accurately.


Star writer: Mason wrote an excellent persuasive argument about the merits of a Full English breakfast. He was able to use fronted adverbials to link his paragraphs and also included some very convincing facts and statistics to back his opinions up. Well done, Mason!

WOW: Rhianna is a very conscientious, helpful member of our school community. She works diligently in her role as a playtime helper for Mrs Shuttlewood, always completing whatever jobs she is asked to do, with a minimum of fuss. Great work, Rhianna!





Star – Libby  – for an outstanding piece of writing persuading the audience to eat more Full English Breakfasts. She used detailed description and persuasive language.

WOW – Jake – for working hard on his writing and producing a very good piece of persuasive writing.