Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning      10.06.2019                                         

 Annex upper           5G
 Main lower                          4C
 Main upper 3M
 KS2 overall 4C
 KS1 Infants TRENT
 Annex Lower 2BR
 Overall KS1 TRENT
 Termly Winners
 KS2  3BK/3M
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 AVON 99.31%
 Attendance KS2 4B 98.69%
 Year Group KS1 EYFS 96.29%
 Year Group KS2 Year 3 96.52%
 House Livingstone 95.83%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner  Cook 121
 KS2  House point winner Cook 90
 Winning House                                 Cook 211
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



Star writer – Dylan S for writing his half term news independently and remembering to sound out each word.  Well done!

WOW – Caitlin T for providing excellent ideas of what she wanted to find out about superheroes.  Well done!


Star Writer – Regan M – For trying hard to write his sounds during phonics.  Regan is becoming more confident in remember and hearing some sounds in words.  Well done Regan.

WOW- Jacob C – For showing great interest in our new topic of ‘Superheroes’ Jacob was very enthusiastic when talking about his favourite superhero.


WOW Zach P for excellent enthusiasm and responses when starting our new ‘Superheroes’ topic this week.

Star Writer-Sonny M for trying hard to work on his own writing his half term news.  Excellent sounding out and finger spaces!


Star Writer – Mair L for writing a very compelling letter in character as Florence Nightingale, to ask Sidney Herbert for clean bandages and medicine for the poorly soldiers.  Well don Mair.

WOW – Sophie E for working really hard in phonics, not only at school but at home too.  Sophie has made so much progress this year and as a result she is becoming a more confident reader.  Well done Sophie.


WOW: Joshua J for writing an excellent persuasive letter to Sidney Herbert in the character of Florence Nightingale.

Star Writer: Jayden A for excellent enthusiasm in our maths reasoning, number crunch lesson.  He confidently explained to the class how he solved some of the questions.


Star writer: – Thalia H for fantastic letter to Sir Sidney Herbert asking for supplies to help the soldiers in Scutari Hospital.

WOW – Hannah G for trying hard with her reading and writing and showing good progress this year in her academic endeavours.


Star Writer – Charlotte S – Charlotte has been chosen as the star writer because she wrote a very detailed character description that contained lots of adjectives and similes.  She also wrote in paragraphs and tried hard to use conjunctions.  Well done Charlotte!

WOW – Daniel N – Daniel has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because of his enthusiasm for our statistics work in maths.  He has especially enjoyed using Excel on the laptop to create a table and bar graph.  Keep up the good work Daniel!


Star Writer – Connor H – Connor has been chosen as the star writer because he used paragraphs to help him write his character description.  He tried hard to use a range of conjunctions and contractions in his work.  Keep it up Connor!

WOW – George C – George has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because of the progress he has made so far this year.  He has persevered and concentrated throughout the whole year and has the work in his book and verbally when asked questions to show this.  Well done George!


Wow- Oscar S. Oscar has been chosen as worker of the week because he has been working hard in every subject. He always completes his work to a high standard and then offers to help other children around the class. Superstar!

Star writer- Lucy P-B. Lucy has been chosen as star writer this week for her fantastic Flotsam story. She worked hard to include adjectives and conjunctions… AND her handwriting was beautiful!












Junior worker of the week




Star Writer – Ethan S for writing an interesting playscript based on a scene from the story Tuesday.  You used the features of a playscript, including brackets to show stage directions.

Star Writer – Jaxon W for writing an acrostic poem based on Father’s Day.  You included some great ideas to make it interesting, well done!


Star Writer – Matei A for creating a playscript using a variety of features accurately.  Matei has been working very hard on improving his accuracy of spellings with great success.

WOW – Albert B for his enthusiasm in Science.  Albert has demonstrated excellent scientific thinking skills when comparing different types of skeletons and is improving his justifications.


Star Writer – Lilyrose E for an excellent playscript, including brackets to show stage directions.  Lilyrose underlined words that she needed to check and correct the spellings.  Well done, and excellent final redraft

WOW – Harriet K for excellent effort in all lessons.  Harriet has impressed me this week with her continued hard work, particularly in English.  Great job!


Star writer: Megan M for a good evaluation of her groups news report.  Megan clearly thought hard about what went well in the news report and how they could have improved their work.

Wow Divine O for brilliant reading last week, Divine used fantastic expression when reading the class reader ‘The Boy in the Dress’.


Star writer: James B – James and his team wrote a super script for a live news report about the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb.  He came up with some super facts relating to the information given.

WoW: Daisy M for always being a cheerful and well behaved member of 4C.  Daisy is helpful, friendly and works hard and sensibly on every task set.


WOW – Frankie – great reflecting and evaluating in his Ancient Egyptian drama work.

WOW – Thomas – great vocabulary in our Science lesson this week – helped create a word bank for the class.


WOW – Kalindu A – Well done for always trying your best across all your lessons and keeping presentation neat and tidy.

WOW – Jake D – for sharing ideas in lessons and joining in with class discussions offering great ideas to the class.


WOW – Riley G for improved effort all lessons.  Riley has impressed me this week with continued effort, particularly in English.

WOW – Francesca H for a great effort in Maths and showing determination in tackling complex word problems.





WOW – Sophia M.  Sophia has proved to be a very effective actor, during our Leavers’ Performance rehearsals.  She has learned her lines well, has taken advice on board and has really improved in her role as Queen Jean.

WOW: Niamh G.  Niamh is a very composed, agile athlete. She is a member of the Quad Athletics squad and also excelled at the Year 6 relay trials, being picked for the relay, sprint and 250 metres race.


WOW – Isabella O for the details copy of a portrait of Shakespeare, she produced, during our art lesson.  She followed the advice given and stayed focused throughout the task.  I was very impressed by her drawing.

WOW – Ben H for the Pop Art style poster he has produced during art work.  He worked enthusiastically when planning ideas, and then used paints carefully to create his poster.


Wow – Charlie S for his excellent inferences regarding the motives and thoughts of the characters in MacBeth.

Star – Daniel S for his efforts in performing his part in the Year 6 play.  Daniel seems to be something of a natural actor, who is especially good with comic tone and timing.