Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance


Week beginning       07.01.19                                          

 Annex upper           5R
 Main lower                          6F
 Main upper 3M
 KS2 overall 3M
 KS1 Infants 1B
 Annex Lower 2BR
 Overall KS1 2BR
 Termly Winners
 KS1 Avon
 KS2  6P
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 2C 99%
 Attendance KS2 6P 100%
 Year Group KS1 Year 2 98.75%
 Year Group KS2 Year 6 98.44%
 House Drake 98.21%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner Raleigh 55
 KS2  House point winner Drake/Cook 106
 Winning House                                 Raleigh 152
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week




Star writer – Amelia  for working hard with her independent writing this week about space.

WOW – Sarah for always being polite and kind to other children.



Star Writer Jack  for using different tricky words and writing them in a sentence on his own.

WOW Kian  for returning to school after the Christmas Break and making sensible choices




Star Writer- Bobby – For writing his name independently and working hard in phonics to form letters correctly. Well done Bobby

WOW- Melody – For excellent concentration and effort in work completed this week. Melody has worked hard to work independently in writing and maths activities and completed them to the best of her ability. Well done Melody. Keep it up





Star Writer – Regi for taking real pride and care in his work recently. He has been spending time making sure his handwriting is perfect and his work is neat.

WOW – Oscar  for being a good listener in class. Oscar always shows good concentration in lessons.




Star writer: Rosa  for writing an excellent description of Sid using adjectives and correct punctuation. She also managed to extend a sentence using “and”

WOW: Joshua for always coming into school with a big smile and politely saying “Good morning”.



Star Writer – Henry  – For a fantastic recount of his Christmas Day. He worked really hard to include full sentences and applied his phonics when spelling.

Wow – Liam – For always trying hard and doing his best when he is at school and for showing a great mentor mentality within the class when helping others.




Star Writer –William has been chosen as star writer this week because he thought of some fantastic adjectives to describe a picture. He then used these adjectives to write super descriptive sentences including some alliteration! Well done William!

WOW – Henry has been chosen as the ‘Worker of the Week’ for his excellent and mature attitude. He has worked very hard, concentrated and tried his best in all his work. Keep up the good work Henry!



Star writer-  Maxx has been chosen as the star writer this week because he sounded out his new year’s resolution on his own and could expand his ideas using conjunctions.

Wow- – Seb has been chosen as worker of the week because he has been continually working hard and listening in all lessons which has led to more independent work.




Star Writer –  Lilly has been chosen as star writer this week because she thought of some fantastic phrases and adjectives to describe a picture. She used them to write a super descriptive paragraph.

WOW – Gersa has been chosen as the Worker of the Week because she is consistently helpful around the class and listens carefully to instructions. She an excellent role model for the rest of 2J.




Junior worker of the week




WOW- Jaxon  – for being focused in class and contributing lots more to class discussions. You have worked really hard. Well done!

Star writer- Isla – for writing an interesting and detailed description of a mythical creature.


Star Writer: Grace  – for producing an imaginative description of a mythical beast.

Wow: Phoebe – For starting this term with a positive attitude to her learning and trying her to listen and follow instructions. Well done!



Star Writer: Wraysa for vivid descriptions of her mythical creature!

WOW: Katie  for a super start back to school, demonstrating good focus and determination to do her best in all her work.



Star Writer – Amelia  – for a great diary entry with a personal tone, rhetorical questions and expression of feelings.

WOW: Divine – For an excellent start to the new year, a focussed attitude to his work and great behaviour, well done Divine.




We have 2 WOWS instead…

George – fantastic piece of art work – great detail and watercolour painting

James  – had a great week! The best yet! His landscape painting was brilliant too!



Star Writer – Francesca  – For writing a very creative diary of her Christmas holidays. Francesca definitely has the writers’ touch, creating a super diary with a personal tone, self-reflection and a rhetorical question.

WoW  – Matthew is always ready to learn, works his hardest in class and perseveres on all tasks. Every job gets 100% attention. Well done!




Wow – Reon – For working hard to improve his attitude to learning. Keep it up!

Star Writer – Seb  – For producing wonderful writing and handwriting across all the subjects. Well done!



WOW – Joseph – for his fantastic commitment to reading. Joseph regularly completes his reading races activities and has read most days of the holidays. Fantastic attitude to learning.

Star Writer: Isa  – for a fantastic retelling of the Greek Myth, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. Isa made the story into a lively and well written comic strip.





WOW – Luke  for showing determination and dedication to his art work. Luke will regularly bring in pieces of art work from home and designed a beautiful Ancient Greek vase in art this week. I am very impressed.

Star Writer: Kalindu retold the Greek Myth of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ through a superb comic strip that included great detail in both the writing and illustrations. Well done!



Star Writer –  Ellis produced a well-crafted narrative about The North Pole, which contained some super repetition for effect and in which he also used dashes for parenthesis accurately. Well done, Ellis.

WOW – Brooke showed a good understanding of our new science topic, Living Things, and created an accurate classification key. This clearly showed which group different animals belong to. Great work, Brooke.



WOW – Olivia – for continuing to work hard at home and recently took a maths challenge home from Mr Manifold and completed it successfully.

Star – Lochlan  – for writing a detailed description of the North Pole and meeting many of his targets.




Star writers: Ellie For her descriptive writing about a winter scene. Her work was full of good quality figurative language and descriptive phrases that were joined successfully to make the work cohesive and very enjoyable to read.


WOW: Liam , Arthur  and Oliver for the teamwork displayed during gymnastics when they created imaginative sequences of balances that they performed in unison.