Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance



Week beginning  05.11.18                                                

 Annex upper           6P
 Main lower                          5A
 Main upper 4B
 KS2 overall 6P
 KS1 Infants 1L
 Annex Lower 2BR
 Overall KS1 1L
 Termly Winners
 KS1 Avon
 KS2  5G
 Termly Winners
 Attendance KS1 Avon 100%
 Attendance KS2 3BK/5G 100%
 Year Group KS1 EYFS 97.75.%
 Year Group KS2 Year 4 99.23%
 House Raleigh 98.16%
 Termly Winners
 Year Group KS1
 Year Group KS2
 KS1  House point winner Raleigh 73
 KS2  House point winner Cook 228
 Winning House                                 Cook 285
Termly Winners

WOW Awards


Infant worker of the week



Star Writer- Freddie for his effort to write his letters on the lines and trying hard to write tricky words independently.

WOW- Julie for always trying her best in class, to complete all activities independently!



Star Writer- Emma  for using her sounds to label her firework picture.

WOW- Joshua  for fantastic enthusiasm and learning during our firwork topic this week!




WOW- Bobby – For super effort with all classroom activities. Bobby is working hard to complete a range of classroom activities independently. Well done Bobby

Star Writer- Oliver – For excellent writing about fireworks. Oliver is working hard to write words independently. Well done Oliver



Star writer – Lewis  for writing a super seasons poem using his senses. Lewis was chosen as our overall Y1 winner! Well done.

WOW – Emilia for always showing great listening and attention in class. Emilia is a superstar!



Star Writer- Luke  for writing an indepent recount of our church trip using adjectives, time words and full stops.

WOW- Madeleine  for taking great pride in our classroom by keeping it tidy and organised at all times.



Star Writer: Alfred – For a fantastic recount of our church trip describing what he saw and did at the church. He included details about objects specific to a church environment.

Wow –  Emily tries very hard in class and even when something is tricky she continues to persevere with the work.




Star writer- Georgie has been chosen as the star writer because she was able to write a super sentence which included an opening phrase, adjectives and a conjunction. Well done Georgie!

WowWilliam has been chosen as worker of the week because he always works hard across all subjects. He always contributes to discussions and follows instructions. He completes his work with a very mature attitude ensuring that it is always the very best before he says he has finished. Keep up the good work William!



Star writer-  Sienna has been chosen as the star writer because she was able to write expanded noun phrases using adjectives and the word with. Well done Sienna.

Wow- Oliver has been chosen as worker of the week because of his continued effort across the subjects. He concentrates hard during the lesson input and then uses what he has learnt in his work. His maths work has shown a particular improvement recently. Well done Oliver.



Star writer – Swara has been chosen as the star writer because she was able to write an excellent description of Neil Armstrong on the moon. She used adjectives and varied her openers. Well done, Swara.

WOW –  – Poppy has been chosen as worker of the week because she always works hard across all subjects. She is growing in confidence and participates in class discussions. Keep going, Poppy.




Junior worker of the week




WOW- Isla  for working extremely hard and persevering in maths when using the column method for subtraction.

WOW- Jerry  for working really hard in maths, when using the column method. He has been working independently and enjoying the challenge of working with larger numbers.


Star Writer: Lola – for producing a clear set of instructions,

as well as editing and improving where needed.


Wow: Dimitris– For always having a positive attitude to his

learning and working hard to improve his work.


Star Writer  Harry  – For writing a creative plant-poem that used a range of descriptive features, including personification!

WoW Chloe – For always putting in 100% effort into her reading, Chloe has demonstrated brilliant reading skills, showing greater confidence with vocabulary and meaning.


Star Writer: Coco – For a thoughtful and respectful piece of writing about the Remembrance Day commemorations and the sacrifices made by those who fought.

WOW:– Logan follows instructions sensibly, gets on with his tasks and tries to give     100% effort. Well done Logan.




Wow : Ava  – for working so hard in class in each subject. Ava puts a lot of effort into improving her work and her presentation is really improving. A great attitude to learning!

Star : Charlotte  – a super opening to your Iron Monster story, well done Charlotte – so much description.



WOW – Matthew  – For always being a well behaved and hard-working member of 4C. Matthew always presents his work to the highest standard. Good work!

Star Writer – Francesca  – For writing an original version of the ‘Iron Man’. Francesca used excellent description, combined with an interesting storyline to create a great story. Good job!




Star writer – Freya  – For writing a wonderful monologue of Bradley Chalkers. She worked extremely hard to show his mixed emotions.

WOW – Zakee – For working hard in all subjects to improve his presentation.



Star writer – Faith – For writing a great monologue of Bradley Chalkers. She took care to include his changing emotions.

WOW – Joseph – for always trying his best and making an effort in all subjects





Star Writer – Ayla -Mai  for writing a superb monologue portraying the character of Bradley. Ayla ensured reader engagement by using great language that reflected Bradley’s vibrant personality. Keep up the hard work.

WOW – Asmee continues to persevere in maths and is growing in confidence. He will now put his hand up more and is gaining greater understanding of trickier concepts. I am very impressed. Well done!



Star writer – Dylan produced an excellent time slip story. He used great direct speech to convey character and also used the past progressive tense accurately. Super writing, Dylan.

WOW – Lovella made some excellent observations about our history topic, the Blitz, and used research effectively to find answers for the causes and consequences of the Blitz. Great work, Lovella



Star – Olivia and Hayden

Olivia – for writing an engaging and fun narrative using lots of description.

Hayden – working hard to present his work neatly and follow the plan carefully.

WOW- Hannah  and Kaycie

Hannah – for working extremely hard at home. Off her own back, Hannah wrote a report about the Blitz providing lots of interesting and accurate information.

Kaycie – for also working hard at home to practise her spellings.



Star writer: Lottie For the excellent story she produced about going back in time to the Blitz. She successfully used a range of sentence structures, accurate punctuation and interesting language, which made her work very engaging to read.


WOW: Ellie . For producing an excellent Art Deco plate design. She successfully replicated work in the style of Clarice Cliff, which used colour effectively. A lovely piece of work.