Sports News and Achievements

Sports news

Tag-rugby competition and festival

On 1st November, twenty children attended the Havering tag-rugby competition and festival at May and Baker RFC. The children were put into two different teams and played several games within a mini-league against other schools. The children performed extremely well, demonstrating lots of skill and excellent team work to attack and defend as a team. The competition team drew one game and won the other five games. The festival team drew one, lost one and won the other four games. Both teams were up against tough opponents in the mini-league, but due to their fantastic performances they both got through to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, both teams were then knocked out of the competition at the quarter-final stage but they should be very proud of themselves and hold their heads up high, as they performed extremely well and represented the school brilliantly, which was why one of the teams achieved the ‘teamwork’ certificate. Well done to both teams!


Boys’ football

On Tuesday, 17th October, Engayne took part in the league competition for Havering. Engayne showed wonderful teamwork and resilience throughout the afternoon. They passed well and worked exceptionally hard. Unfortunately, Engayne did not qualify for the latter stages of the competition. They will now focus on the Havering cup.


Cross country

Children from Key Stage 2 represented Engayne the Havering Sports Collective Cross-Country competition, held at Stubbers activity adventure centre on Tuesday 7th November. There were twenty-seven schools from across the borough that took part in the competition, in which there was a very high standard in all races. The Engayne boys’ and girls’ teams for years 3 and 4, 5 and 6, all performed brilliantly. The year 3 and 4 girls’ team finished 15th, with the boys’ team finishing 6th, and the year 5 and 6 girls’ team finished 10th, with the boys’ team finishing 9th. All our athletes tried their best, with some fantastic finishes at the end by a number of runners, making up valuable places for the team – WELL DONE, TEAM ENGAYNE!


On Tuesday 20th June 16 year 3 and 4 children travelled to Hornchurch stadium to take part in the QUAD Athletics competition. There were teams from 37 schools participating on a very warm day.

The children showed great perseverance, determination and enthusiasm as they participated in sprints, distance runs, a standing jump and a throwing event.

Overall Engayne came 9th in the Year 4 competition with great performances from all and stand out performances by Lochlan who came 15th out of 144 boys in the overall competition and 8th in the jumping event, and Phoebe who came 13th out of 147 in the distance running event.

The Year 3 children came 15th in the group competition with, again great performances by all and Fenton came 4th out of 148 in the throwing competition.

Well done all competitors!



On Tuesday 13th June 9 year 5 children and 8 year 6 children travelled to Hornchurch Sports Stadium to compete in the Havering Quad Athletics competition. Each child had to complete four events which were: 75m sprint; long distance run (600m); standing long jump; mega-howler throw. They all performed brilliantly on a hot day and where the standard was very high. They all represented the school very well through immaculate behaviour and great effort. Overall the year 5 team came 3rd and the year 6 team came 4th showing how well they all did as a team. Big congratulations to the team for their achievements and attitude.


Tennis competition


On the 23rd May, Engayne took part in a Tennis competition organised by the Havering Schools Sports Collective. Each team had four players and in every “match”, each child played their opposite numbers. Both teams were unbeaten throughout the tournament until the time it came to play each other! The A team won 3-1. After the day’s play, Engayne A topped the table and Engayne B came in just behind.

To decide the winning team, the teams had to play again. The A team girls, Lucia and Paige beat Izabella and Libby but the B team boys, Ryan and Rio, defeated Monty and Mitchell! It was a draw, and came down to points difference, which thanks to Lucia’s lethal and ruthless playing style, went to the A team! The A team will now go on to represent Havering against other London boroughs.

A great day was had by all and the children encapsulated the Engayne spirit – hardworking, supportive of others and gracious in defeat. They all did the school proud and won further awards in teamwork and passion for their efforts.
Boys’ cricket  competition

The Year 5 and 6 boys cricket team had a very enjoyable day representing Engayne at the borough cricket tournament held at Rainham CC. They had five group matches, four of which they won by between fifty and a hundred runs. Their game against St Joseph’s was a closer affair, but a great team performance saw Engayne win by twenty runs. In the quarter finals, the boys played eventual finalists Upminster Juniors. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite play our best and a couple of their players performed extremely well meaning we didn’t progress to the semi-finals. The boys should be very proud of their contributions batting, bowling and fielding: every single player played their part in some excellent performances.
Girls’ cricket competition

On the 24th May 2017, a group of our Year 6 girls participated in the Havering Borough Cricket Tournament. The venue was extremely busy; all in all, there were over 20 school teams participating.
Throughout the day the girls worked extremely hard and battled through the group stages. They had to play four matches in extreme heat! Some were extremely close to call. The girls did us proud by coming 10th place.



Spring 2017


A brilliant day which the children really enjoyed. It was really well organised too. Each group had warm up activities before setting off on the actual orienteering course. Great grounds at Stubbers allowed the children to really enhance and demonstrate their skills in orienteering.


Water polo

Aidan, Amy, Emily B, Emily E, Fletcher, James, Katie, Mitchell and Steven represented the school in the 2017 Havering Water Polo Tournament. They had never played together before and this was the first time they had all played in a competitive environment. They played three games; they narrowly lost the first two games 4-3 and 3-1, and then won their final game 8-0. The performances they gave were outstanding, both myself and Mr Hurley were extremely impressed by their hard work and positive attitude. They were a credit to the school and fantastic ambassadors of the school.

Swimming gala

Amelia, Izabella, Jessica, Aidan, Samuel and Steven competed in individual and team events at the 2017 Havering Swimming Gala. Amelia and Jessica narrowly missed out on the final for their events and the team freestyle relay. Izabella, Aidan, Samuel and Steven all made the final in their individual events and the boys also made the final in the freestyle relay. In their individual finals Steven came 6th, Samuel came 5th, Izabella came 4th and Aidan came 2nd, with less than half a second between him and first place. Also the boys came 5th in the freestyle relay final. Overall the team made 5 out of the 8 finals and worked exceptionally hard to get there and should be extremely proud of them in the way they represented Engayne. Out of 20 schools they came 6th, which is a fantastic achievement. They were a real credit to the school and their performances were outstanding.

Boys’ football news


After the initial games in the first league we entered a second league and played more games against different schools. We played against Elm Park and La Salette. We were victorious in both games which was a fantastic reflection of the boys’ attitude and teamwork. They worked hard for each other, showed great skill, performed heroic defending and clinical finishing. This team has improved a lot over the year and I am very proud of their achievements. Well done boys and continue playing.


Girls’ football news

The girls football team performed very well in our cup matches, starting with a fantastic 3-0 away victory at Benhurst.  A great team performance led to a well-deserved result.  Unfortunately the girls were beaten in the next round by Upminster Junior School; however the team showed fantastic effort and tried their hardest throughout the entire match.