Sports News and Achievements

Sports news

Swimming Gala March 2018

Mia, Grace, Lucia, Samuel A, Samuel R and Owen all competed in individual and team events at the Havering Swimming Gala. All of the children’s performances were outstanding at the Havering Swimming Gala. Samuel A and Lucia both made it into the final for the 25m backstroke but unfortunately both missed out on a medal coming 4th and 6th. Both the boys and girls narrowly missed out on a place in the final for the freestyle relays. Everyone worked exceptionally hard to get into the gala and during the gala event itself so they should be extremely proud of themselves and the way they represented Engayne. Mia, Grace, Owen and Lucia all beat their previous time that was set at the school pool during the gala, which was an excellent achievement. They were a real credit to the school and their performances were outstanding.


Orienteering March 2018

We took 30 children in 6 teams to Stubbers for the Havering Orienteering competition. The children were taken off for some games to help them learn some map skills and how to use the equipment. The team leader was given a tag which they had to use to log their times at each point. The children had to keep together as a team and all showed really good team work.

One of our teams came in second place!


Boys’ cricket May 2018

The Year 5/6 boys’ cricket team attended the Havering Cricket Competition
at the end of May. 9 boys attended and all represented the school very well.
They worked so well as a team that they were singled out for a ‘Teamwork’
values commendation. The boys won all the matches in the group stage comfortably. They performed well in the quarter and semi finals, progressing to the final where they were, despite some excellent bowling and fielding, beaten by James Oglethorpe Primary School. The boys should be very proud of their performance and behaviour.


Tennis May 2018

We recently had a group of 4 year 5-6 girls and 3 year 5-6 boys take part in a tennis tournament at Grosvenor Tennis Club. Even though the result might not have been what everyone hoped for, all of the students performed extremely well and should be very proud of their performances. Each child managed to win a handful of individual games but unfortunately we didn’t make it to the semi-finals.


We did however win the award for the most sporting team (one of the School Games values) so we were awarded with a certificate! All students represented the school very well.