We take school-home communication very seriously at Engayne Primary. Parents should feel confident that their children are getting the very best education in our friendly, nurturing environment. Children’s successes should be celebrated so that they feel proud of their work and motivated to improve. Magical moments happen every day at our school and we hope that this blog helps to capture some of them.



Year Two held their annual boat race just before we finished the Autumn term.  All the children brought in boats they had designed and made at home. As you can see we all huffed and puffed to make our boats move across the water. The regatta was a great success and the children learned a lot about floating, sinking and materials for their science topic.


The whole school celebrated the last day of term with Christmas dinner! It was fantastic to see so many children wearing hats and enjoying eating together AND we all got to pull a Christmas cracker!


January saw our reception pupils take a trip in to space! Dads, grandads and children all worked together to create rockets for the space adventures




Great excitement in KS1 with the arrival of some poetry books from the Premier League Primary Stars to recognise our school entering the competition. Only 1000 schools in the country received books for entering and we received books in Year 2 3 and 6.


All of KS1 had fun and frolics outside exploring the school grounds for our Geography and History themed week.