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English and reading news


Welcome to the English and reading news page.
Here you will find interesting videos, information and news about the fantastic reading events taking place at Engayne.

Spelling Bee competition

What a fantastic set of spelling bee competitions we had! In March, pupils in Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 from Engayne, St Mary’s and James Oglethorpe competed against each other to see who would win the crown of Supreme Speller!


All the children who participated showed so much confidence and courage.

Nicky M in, Year 3, came 2nd in the Year 3-4 competition.

Charlie S (Year 6) came 1st place in the Year 5-6 competition and Alex C-S (Year 5) came 2nd place. Everyone did fantastically!

The teacher spelling bee was also great fun! Mr Clare won the event with Mr Hurley 2nd.

Well done to one and all!

A total of £2800 has been raised for the school to fund BUG CLUB, outdoor projects, new books and also donate to The Children’s Society which was the favoured charity of a former librarian at the school Miss Blow who passed away recently.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Big Spell and well done for raising such a fantastic amount of money.


Coming soon ….

There will be a Y4-5 poetry competition coming soon! We are entering the Havering Library Schools performance poetry competition in June.

Watch this space for the winning Engayne entries.







Useful Phonics websites:





Super range of free ebooks to read and a phonics screening test generator to work on those alien words


Our school BUG CLUB subscription will offer books and SPAG


activitBug Club  help sheet  U604-Bug-Club-ALP-Instructions (1)ies for all the children.


KS2 reading:

A site enabling parents to download extracts of books to sample, to try out different authors with their children.




A site dedicated to helping children and parents to find out about children’s books. Each area on the site provides information about new and classic titles with expert advice to help you find the best children’s books available.




A comprehensive book review site, which also contains some writing games too.




An excellent resource site, offering tests and games for KS2 English.






Please click on these links for the common word lists for each year group found  on year group page


Looking for advice on what to read?

Click on our recommended reads list for the year group found on year group page  for some inspiration!




Our Patrons Of Reading

What is a patron of reading? A patron of reading is an author who works with specific schools to help promote reading and inspire writing.


Who are our patrons of reading? We are lucky enough to have two patrons called Nicola Davies and Valerie Bloom.

Nicola  51+j4IpuCCL__SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Picture1 Picture3 Picture2 nicola-davies


Nicola Davies

She is very passionate and curious about the natural world around her. She uses her excitement for nature to inspire her writing.

Valerie Bloom