Learning Website


Learning Website

Here are lots of websites our teachers think would be great for you to visit.  We have listed many by subject but we subscribe to great sites that you will know well from using at school:


Engayne Handwriting


Spelling Lists

Reception    Next 200 words 1
  Year 1    Next 200 words 2
  Year 2    Next 200 words 3
  Year 3    Next 200 words 4
  Year 4    Next 200 words 5
  Year 5   Next 200 words 6
  Year 6    Next 200 words 6

PurpleMash – fantastic resource for all subjects. Loads of interactive games, videos and activities.
Go to www.purplemash.lgfl.net – you will need your USO and password – see your teacher if you don’t have these.



Espresso – Lots of fantastic videos, activities and sheets for you to test your knowledge of all subjects.
Go to www.espresso.lgfl.net – again you will need your USO and password.





Oxford Owl Reading 


Woodlands Resources for Literacy

Woodands Resources for Grammar and Punctuation


Phonics Play





Woodlands Resources for Maths

Oxford Owl Maths





Science Museum


Woodlands Resources for Science

Humanities and Religious Education




Humanities (PSHE)


Collective Worship



BBC Schools Music



 Art and Design


BBC Schools Art

 What? Where? When? Why?






Geography Games




History Encyclopedia

Walk through time


Modern Foreign Languages 


 General useful learning links



Search Engine


Exploring Learning