Charities We Support


At Engayne we have a strong ethos of supporting others in our community and the wider communities. Our pupils are involved in some sort of charity raising activity on a weekly basis, many are detailed below  We support charities through funds raised in many ways including at the school concerts and plays, cake sales, spelling bees and even car washes and cafes.  Last year we send gifts to many charities including  Hope for Havering, Vasculitis and Breast Cancer



Dear Mr Rickett 

We’d like to say a great big thank you!  

Thank you so much for taking part in superhero day in the grand finale of the Big Pedal and fundraising for Sustrans. We hope everyone at school had fun dressing up as a superhero for the day – there have been a lot of fantastic photos uploaded on the website 

Your kind donation of £177.00 will go towards helping more children in the UK have happier and healthier trips to school. I will send your certificate out to you next week. We hope you like it and that you will display it proudly on your school wall. 

We hope you’ll be back for more Big Pedalling in 2018 and we’ll be in touch later this year with more information on how to register and get your school involved in next year’s event. 


Until then, keep pedalling! 

The Big Pedal team

 Staff support the Wear your Footie Shirt To Work Day 2017 in aid of the Bobby Moore Cancer Fund