Phase Blog Summer 2.

Another busy half term for the children in Key Stage One and EYFS.

8th June saw the school embrace election fever. Team Transform v Team Vision. Both manifesto’s had great ideas and promises for the students!



The same day we were visited by a drama group from Essex and Suffolk Water promoting Water Saving. If the children have been timing your showers and turning off taps at home when doing their teeth …this will be why!



It’s been a busy few weeks for Key Stage One with trips and exciting topics in school!

Year One planted some seeds in the Spring and they have been watching the radishes, spinach and beans growing. They even spotted the “tap root” on the plant which was fabulous!

Reception have been tending their vegetable patch all year and are harvesting onions, courgettes, sweetcorn , tomatoes, cabbage, kale and potatoes!  Their sunflowers have been planted all around the school grounds and are also growing well.





Year Two visited the church to find out all about different events and celebrations the church can host. They discussed weddings,  christenings and baptisms. They even re-enacted some events!




Year One also visited St Luke’s Church to find out about all the special objects you can see in a church and what they are used for.


Reception spent the morning at Upminster Library discovering new books and listening to stories.  They enjoyed travelling by bus to Upminster and had some time playing games in the park too



July  saw Year One and Two plus Cook house received their reward for fantastic attendance. They enjoyed a showing of the DVD Sing.  1L, Fleet, 1BC and 1B also received extra Outdoor Learning sessions and games sessions for their clean classrooms and super behaviour for the MDS’s.






Year Two had fun with West Ham United who came in for some football and literacy sessions with each class.



Reception, Year One and Year Two enjoyed the Circus Skills workshop paid for with the profits from enterprise activities and Year One café. The children all had a circus skills workshop and enjoyed a cooling ice lolly after all their exertions









We finished the term with a fantastic dance afternoon.

Thank you for supporting our learning this year.

Happy Holidays!


Year 4


We have had a very exciting few weeks continuing to find out about Ancient Egypt; the pyramids, tombs, Tutankhamun’s treasures, hieroglyphs and daily life.  We also experienced what it would have been like to uncover tomb paintings as we took on our role of ‘mini archaeologists’ and worked hard on creating a special alarm to prevent the burial chambers in pyramids from being robbed!  We also used mod roc when we created our canopic jars too!

We were also very busy at taking part in inter-house rugby and cricket competitions in school, as well as practising our end of term dance routine.

Well done Year 4 for working hard and continuing to stay focused.





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