Year Two attended the Infant Music Festival at St Josephs school.

The theme was “People Who Help Us” so the songs performed ranged from plumbers to firefighters. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were highly praised for their singing and behaviour!


March saw World Book Day saw each Year Group take on a “Share a Story” challenge.


Year One made books that resembled houses. Its looks quite tricky to fold and cut! What a great job they did!





Reception went on a story hunt around the school …




Year Two went out and about to “Share a Story


Year One ventured off to the toy museum. They looked at lots of old toys like there!




We all enjoyed National Pi day …. Finding out all about 3.14 in a variety of ways!

Year 2 did some active challenges. What can you do in 3.14 minutes? Y1 investigated the digits of pi visually. We all made “pi” biscuits!





Nans and Grans came in to help our reception children with a range of Easter activities!




We finished the term with a willow weaving workshop. All the children learned how to shape and weave willow sticks.

The children then worked in teams to create this magnificent school badge using their skills!

It’s been a REALLY busy half term. We look forward to sharing our Summer term adventures with you!



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