Aims and Values

At Engayne we aspire to give every pupil the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe, enjoyable and stimulating environment which prepares them for the ever changing world. The Governing Board is committed to supporting the school in achieving this vision through its Aims and Values.

Our Aims

At Engayne Primary School the children are at the centre of our school community. We value them as individuals and aim to;

  • Establish a secure, attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • Through appropriate challenge and high expectations, enable all children to achieve their potential;
  • Provide a wide variety of academic, artistic physical and cultural experiences;
  • Equip children with the skills to access rapidly developing technology;
  • Foster a lifelong enthusiasm and enjoyment for learning;
  • Develop the citizens of tomorrow as responsible members of the community;
  • Enable children to experience success and learn from mistakes; Develop an understanding of the world and respect for other cultures, traditions and people
  • Work closely with parent/carers and the wider community to promote children’s learning.

Our Values

These are the values that pupils, staff and governors of Engayne think are important to develop in order to be a successful community. Our school is one in which the teaching and learning, achievement, attitudes and well-being of every person matter.

Respect each other

  • We treat all individuals, groups of adults and children in the school, as we ourselves would like to be treated.
  • We consider the feelings and opinions of others.
  • We are honest and truthful at all times.

Belonging together

  • All that are part of the Engayne community will feel they belong and feel included and safe, that they are encouraged to work as a team with commitment and determination.

Responsibility now and forever

  • We allow everyone to do their best by listening, concentrating and showing good learning behaviours.
  • We value our environment keeping It clean and tidy.
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