(Special Educational Needs Department)

Mrs Birchall is the SENCO at Engayne Primary School

Contact her on 01708 223492 or email and mark it for her attention

Asthma form

Consent emergency asthma form

Form 3b

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report

The DFE engagement model: Information for Parents

Havering Local Offer

Where can I go for help?

SNAP Specialist Talks

Encouraging Talking

Helping Speech Develop

Learning to Talk

Speech & Language – Screening in your child’s school

Speech – Language & Communication in the Foundation

Speech Link – Screening Results Explained

Precision Teaching at Home

SNIP Literacy Programme – part 1

SNIP Literacy Programme – part 2

SNIP Literacy Programme – part 3

SNIP Literacy Programme – part 4

Speech and Language Link for parents

EAL Letter

COVID-19 Team Resources for SEND Learners

CAD-5-19 Team Resources for SEND Learners – 3

CAD-5-19 Team Resources for SEND Learners – 4

Supporting Children with LD with COVID-19 Isolation

I-pad for learners with Dyslexia

I-pad for learners with Dyscalculianumeracy difficulties

Android Apps for learners with Dyslexia

SEND activities

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