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 Coping with Self Harm Guide

This Christmas Year Two children received the gift of sponsoring a penguin at Colchester Zoo . The plaque is now on display at the zoo and here are a couple of photos of Pebbles the penguin with a friend!

 Each Year Two class will be having the opportunity to participate in Forest School activities. The children explore nature and learn skills in our own woodland setting.

Year 2 had an exciting workshop with Robo lab where they build their own robots and used their coding skills to program the robot. The workshop leaders were full of praise for the children’s skills and behaviour!

Year Two contributed to the coin collection appeal for Jordan, carefully placing their coins in the letters of his name

Year Two had an exciting end to the half term with a Music Festival Performance with James Oglethorpe, St Joseph’s and St Mary’s Hare Park year two children. The theme was mini beasts and all the children performed songs and made hats. Year Two then gave a performance of their songs to the rest of Key Stage One!

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NEW Year 2 reading list 2019

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