Year 2


 Swimming Days
2C Wednesday
2BR Wednesday
2M Thursday
     e safety
 Coping with Self Harm Guide
2nd October
9th October
16th October
Ready Steady Read Challenge Grid
Ready Steady Read RULES
Year One and Two common word list for spelling
Phonic sounds mat phase 2-5

Year 2 Perform A Million Dreams


The Importance of Bedtime Reading for Children – this website has lots of suggested books and tips to make bedtime reading engaging.

We still support the NHS and all key workers!

We have all settled in to our new classes and have been having lots of fun with our learning this term!

Stay connected to Engayne

We would love you to join this community and stay connected with Engayne. Were you a pupil at Engayne? Or do you know someone who was?

We need people from a range of careers and pathways to open our pupils’ eyes to what’s possible in the future and help to enhance school life. You could support us in many ways – as role models, assembly speakers, fundraisers, classroom volunteers, governors and more. There is no obligation to do anything after you’ve signed up but you’ll receive a few updates to let you know what we’re up to.

If you would like to stay involved in supporting our school, sign up as a ‘friend’ here (or, if you happen to be a former pupil yourself select that option):  

Information for Y2 parents September 2020

Y2 curriculum powerpoint

Y2 phonic screening information

Y2 Grammar guide

Year 2 spelling tips

Reading Lists booklet design Y1&2

NEW Year 2 reading list 2019

Year 2 questions book mark

Year One and Two spelling word lists

Year 2 Tick list reading 2018

Maths Y2

reading and spelling tips for Y2 workshop

Year 2 End of Year Expectations

Reading Questions for parents

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