School Uniform

Engayne is aware all children are keen to identify themselves as closely as possible with their school, particularly a successful one. A recognisable uniform helps with this identification, makes the pupil feel a closer member of the community and makes for a greater feeling of equality. From past experience it can be said that school uniform directly and advantageously affects the tone and general conduct in this kind of society.  Engayne pupils are therefore expected to wear our uniform.

School colours – Light blue (Cambridge) and dark blue (Oxford).

Blouse – Light Blue**
Cardigan/V-necked sweater – Navy *
School tie *
Skirt/Pinafore Dress/Tailored School Trousers – Navy**
Socks/tights – White or Dark Blue**
Shoes – Black (in sensible style)** i.e. No High Heels or Slingbacks
Badged Blazer (Optional) – Navy**

Shirt – Light Blue**
V-necked sweater – Navy*
School tie*
Trousers (short or long) – Grey**
Socks – Grey**
Shoes – Black (in sensible style)** i.e. Not Trainers
Badged Blazer (Optional) – Navy**

School ties may be purchased from the school office.

School badges may be purchased from the school office for a small charge should you wish to add these to jumpers/cardigans and/or blazers.

In warm weather girls are encouraged to wear a blue gingham dress and boys school shirts with short sleeves. Navy or black sandals may also be worn, but open toes and sling-backs should be avoided for safety reasons.

Clothing worn for Physical Education
All children are expected to change for physical education
 into a t-shirt (white round neck) – shorts (navy) with bare feet for indoor work. For outdoor work trainers should be worn. Tracksuits (navy) maybe worn outside during colder weather.  Each child should have a plain coloured t-shirt of their house colour.

For swimming classes in the school’s own pool swim hats are required.  These can be obtained from the School’s Reception desk at a small cost.  Although children are able to wear their own choice of swimsuits, boys should wear trunks, no swimming shorts are allowed and girls a one piece swim suit, no bikinis.

Only watches are permitted. 
Under no circumstances should jewellery be worn for P.E., swimming or such activities.  Children should not have their ears pierced within school terms.  Earrings cannot be worn even for a short period.

Hair Styles
Extreme hairstyles are not permitted (e.g. no Mohawks, designs cut into hair).  Girls headbands must be plain without large bows/flowers.

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