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Reception maths workshop

Check out this website for help with Number Bonds, Times Tables and many other things!

Need to brush up on your times tables? Test yourself on here:

Head here for some fantastic, fun games to test your maths skills on:

This is THE website for the best maths puzzles:

In Key Stage 1? These BBC sites and games are just for you:

Key Stage 2? These are for you:

These are for the kids and adults. The main arithmetic methods you need to be getting to grips with!

Column subtraction

Column addition

Addition using partitioning

Subtraction by partitioning

Subtraction on an empty number line

Multiplication using the column method

Easy, 3 digits X 1 digit

Multiplication using the column method

Harder, 2 digits X 2 digits

Multiplication using the grid method


Short division the easy way

Long division

This one’s really only for brave types


These maths links are for those people looking to reach the next level!


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