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Year 5 Home Learning
Home Learning Activities 13.5.22
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Year 5 Reading Challenge


Swimming Day 
5G, 5W and 5B WEDNESDAY 
 Coping with Self Harm Guide

EXCITING NEWS … Engayne staff have been recording stories in audio and video format. They are in our very own STORYTIME library! Click on the link and find a story. There are lots to choose from!

In Spring term thirty eight children from Year Five completed their reading challenges to qualify for a reward this term. Some were rewarded with being able to bring a blanket and cushion for the film treat afternoon. The Literacy page has some photos of some of the rewards given. Well done and keep reading.

We took part in the Take 10 Challenge!

The Take 10 Challenge encourages people to read for just 10 minutes a day to improve their wellbeing and support their literacy. For more information click here.

Does your child have trouble selecting a book to read? Watch this fun animation to help them choose books they will love! 

With your library membership you can view a variety of story and factual books online. To find out more visit:

Visit the link below to also find encyclopedias, dictionaries, art and music resources in the virtual library:

Stay connected to Engayne

We would love you to join this community and stay connected with Engayne. Were you a former pupil at Engayne? Do you know someone who was?

We need people from a range of careers and pathways to open our pupils’ eyes to what’s possible in the future and help to enhance school life. You could support us in many ways – as role models, assembly speakers, fundraisers, classroom volunteers, governors and more. There is no obligation to do anything after you’ve signed up but you’ll receive a few updates to let you know what we’re up to.

If you would like to stay involved in supporting our school, sign up as a ‘friend’ here (or, if you happen to be a former pupil yourself select that option):  

Knowledge Organiser Y5-Y6 ENGLISH

Year 5 Informal Parent Meeting Information

Year 5 and 6 spelling list

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