School council

We have a brilliant team of councillors at Engayne Primary School. Each class has a ‘Class Councillor’ who is in charge of leading class discussions about projects with the School Council, generating new ideas for the school and collecting opinions from their classmates.

We also have ‘School Council Reps’ for each year group who are in charge of representing the school for any school council outings, composing any letters from the school council and meeting with Mrs Sankey to update her on our recent meetings. Our School Council is led by our brilliant School Captains.

The school council work closely with Mrs Sankey to produce a School Council Improvement Plan (SCIP) which is designed to touch on a few key areas the councillors think could be improved over the year. This year we are working on:

  • Children to take care of their school environment both in outdoor and indoor areas.
  • Children are to continue their work on kindness and politeness to all members of the school community.
  • Focus on the wellbeing of the school community.


Miss Monaghan submitted an entry in to the Picture News Impact awards. She told Picture News all about the wonderful work our school council have done to improve our school and local community during the last year. On 3rd November we received an e mail saying we had won an award to recognise all the fantastic initiatives our school council champion!

We are so proud of our school council. Miss Monaghan and the children applied for some funding for an outdoor circle time kit and litter picking kit and we won! The outdoor tarpaulins, seating mats and litter picking set has already been put to good use. Our teachers also received some training to develop even more ideas for outdoor learning. Watch this space for more exciting news from our school council!

As part of our work to support our local community the school council and delivered decorated Christmas Wreaths to The Oaks Care Home for the Elderly in Upminster. The residents were so pleased to see us, even though we had to be socially distanced, and we are hoping to visit again in the Spring and Summer term for some more projects.


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