School Parliament


‘Democracy is the form of government

in which the free are rulers.’


Engayne Primary School Parliament 2023-24

Our school parliament has some pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to work with the leadership team to improve our school. Other children are selected for specific roles via an application process or nominated by a staff member due to a particular skill.

Each class will elect a representative from their class; they will be members of the school parliament for the next academic year. Year 6 will represent reception.

Pupils do this by representing the voices of their peers and taking part in formal meetings throughout the school year. The parliament is actively involved in encouraging the rights of all pupils to be involved in decisions that affect them and their education.

The School Parliament will meet once per half term. Cabinet meetings will take place before the parliament.

Each representative follows our school values and a set of principles:

  • to act with selflessness
  • to act with integrity
  • to act with objectivity
  • to be open to other suggestions and ideas
  • to act with honesty
  • to develop leadership in the school.

As effective members of parliament we listen to and represent the views of our school, we represent our school and we get things done! We meet each half term.

                                                        Our Parliament has 5 cabinets

  1. Community and Finance (SBM/EPFA)
  2. Environment and school grounds (Eco Monitors, Opal)
  3. Subject focus – English (SIP/SEF) (Librarians)
  4. Values (year 6 privilege only) (House captains – (Kindness Ambassadors)
  5. Teaching and Learning/Our Curriculum (The Arts, Sport/Healthy Eating/Maths/Science/IT)
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