NEWS: Engayne was awarded 2nd place in the Upminster Tree Festival competition. Our tree gained 131 votes and the school was presented with a certificate commemorating 2nd place!


Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 17th January


1BC 99.33% 4C and 6N 100 %

We had 14 classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year 1 (98.31%) and Year 6 (99.11%) HOUSE: Cook (97.76%)

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 5A KS1 Trent




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 16th December 2019

Avon  WOW – Avon class for an amazing performance of ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. You were all so well behaved! I could hear all of your lines and your singing was fantastic! Well done!
Trent  WOW- TRENT Class- For an excellent performance of ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ Your singing was great and you all remembered your lines.  Well done Trent Class. You were all amazing! J
Fleet WOW Fleet Class for a fantastic performance of ‘The Sleepy Shepherd. You all remembered your lines and sang with lots of smiles to parents and the whole school! You made Miss Jupp very proud!  
1B WOW – Amity E for working really hard on her reading and writing in school and at home. Amity always tries her best even if something is tricky. Star Writer – Phoebe D for writing a super description of Santa. Phoebe included adjectives and a simile too to make her writing more interesting to the reader.
1BC WOW Zach P –  you have this week’s wow award as you always listen so attentively and contribute well to class discussions. You are also an excellent role model to others. Well done!  
1L  SW – Leo D: for a very good description of Santa using similes and adjectives to describe Santa’s appearance Wow: 1L for improving their listening skills and following the new class rules extremely well.
2BR All of Year 2 – For a fantastic Christmas performance, we are so proud of your hard work and dedication in learning all of the songs. It was brilliant.
2C All of Year 2 – For a fantastic Christmas performance, we are so proud of your hard work and dedication in learning all of the songs. It was brilliant.
2M All of Year 2 – For a fantastic Christmas performance, we are so proud of your hard work and dedication in learning all of the songs. It was brilliant.
3W WOW- Lucy P- for always listening well, working independently and finishing her work to a high standard. Lucy is an absolute pleasure to teach. Star writer- Oscar S- Oscar has some fantastic ideas and always checks his writing to self-improve. He wrote a lovely kindness bauble this week with a variety of openers and conjunctions. Well done!  
3RB WOW – Dylan M for creating a fantastic big task project for our Stone Age topic. He put in so much effort and it was a real family affair. The finished project is something to definitely be proud of. Well done Dylan! WOW – Sienna – she is always a member of class that can be relied upon. Sienna listens well and this week she has been
3M Star Writer – Renae M for making a real effort to work on her handwriting. Renae wrote a thoughtful kindness bauble in her very best handwriting. Keep it up! WOW: Charlotte Staples– For developing a positive attitude to her learning and trying her best to be more independent. Well done!
4BT WOW – Leela P- Leela has been awarded this week’s WOW award for fantastic effort with her reading during reading group. Leela is working hard to sound out unknown words and look in the text to find answers to questions asked. Well done Leela! Star writer – Nicky M – Nicky is the star writer this week for writing a funny story all about a Nativity play that goes slightly wrong! Nicky used embedded clauses, adjectives and inverted commas for speech to make his writing interesting. Great writing Nicky!
4C WoW – Blake G – Blake has been working really hard in maths recently and continued that this week.  He is working hard to calculate and solve problems, even when he finds it hard. Star Writer – Isla has excellent handwriting and produces beautiful work every time she writes.  Isla also wrote a clever and well devised clean school rap in music.  Well done!    
4W Star writer- Tommy M- Tommy wrote a brilliant ‘clean school rap’ with excellent rhythm and performed this to the class. Well done Tommy! Wow- Jamie C- Jamie read his ‘clean school rap’ out loud to the class showing his growing confidence and determination. Well done Jamie! Keep it up.  
5A Star writer – Eleanor P for producing a top quality piece of writing based on the Vikings. She was able to use figurative language, as well as varied punctuation. A wonderful piece of work! Wow – Riley S – for showing an improvement to his effort over the course of the last few weeks. Keep it up!  
 5T Star writer – Beatrice L for a superb write up of her Viking Saga. Beatrice demonstrated a strong ability to support her partner by proof reading for consistency of verb tenses; the appropriate use of punctuation and capital letters throughout and that words were accurately spelt. She then made the appropriate improvements to her own saga for her top copy, ensuring that she used her best presentation throughout. WOW – Isabelle L, for an outstanding improvement to her effort this term. Isabelle has shown strong determination this term and has made her teacher very proud!
5G Star Writer – Jonathon F – for a brilliant Viking Saga. Jonathon wrote his story using historical knowledge and used fantastic description and detail throughout. WOW – Maxi W – for making a huge effort this week. Completing all work to a good standard ad really trying his best.
6F Star Writer:Riley G. Riley performed very well in the end of term spelling test, getting seven more words correct than he did in the test, at the start of the term. He has worked very hard this year, learning all the different spelling rules. Great work, Riley! WOW: Zakee M. Zakee produces super homework, every week. It is always accurate, well-presented and in on time. He also completes extra work in his homework book each week, which shows just how much of a dedicated learner he is – his art sketches are amazing. He’s a very talented young man. Well done, Zakee!
6N STAR – Kitti B – for working hard on her writing and producing two lovely letters instead of just one. WOW – Gracie C – for showing very good progress in her SPAG, reading and maths test results.    
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