Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards SPRING TERM


We had 19 out of 21 classes met school target of 97% attendance this term. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year Group: Year 2 98.81% and Year 3 98.14% HOUSE: IGNIS (YELLOW) 98.50%

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 22nd March 2021

WOW: Sebastian for working so hard with his writing. He is able to sound out the words and blend them together all by himself. Well done Sebi!
Star Writer: Oliver for writing an excellent sentence about his pirate! He remembered to use finger spaces between his words and sounded out each word. Well done!
WOW: Elcie– For settling back into class really well. Elcie is a friendly member of the class who is always ready to learn. Elcie has been working really and always completes the independent activities in the classroom. Well done Elcie J
Star Writer: Toby- For excellent effort in writing this week. He is becoming more confident to write sentences independently. Toby remembers to use finger spaces inbetween words and used his sounds well. Keep up the great work Toby J  
WOW: Imogen. Imogen has loved our ‘Pirates’ topic this week. Miss Jupp has loved your telescope, treasure chest making and imaginative ideas during our carpet time! Well done!
Star Writer: William for trying super hard to use your sounds and label your pirate drawing!
WOW Aiyana for having such a super start to the new term. Aiyana has settled well and has had a massive smile on her face since being back in the classroom. I am so impressed with her positive attitude to school.
Star Writer Amelia for writing a wonderful description of the alien. Amelia has been working really hard to sound out her ideas and came up with some lovely adjectives all by herself. Keep up the fantastic work Amelia!
WOW- Thomas is our worker of the week! He always has a positive attitude to his learning and applies himself well. He is always polite and helpful to his peers. Thomas likes to share his great ideas with the class and uses impressive vocabulary when doing so. Keep it up Thomas!
Star Writer- Billy is our star writer this week, for his greatly improved writing. He is sounding out words and choosing interesting vocabulary. He is trying hard to keep his writing neat and recently used a simile in his work independently. Keep up the great writing Billy!
WOW: Edith has not stopped smiling since being back at school! After weeks away, we can see how much Edith is really enjoying being back in class with her friends and teachers! It’s so lovely to have you in 1BC Edith.
Star Writer: Isabella has the star writer award for an excellent alien description. She used our word bank to complete full sentences all by herself. Isabella even used the word ’because’ independently to tell us more about where the alien lives.
WOW: Alfie – Alfie has been chosen as the worker of the week because he always works hard in all of our lessons. He always joins in with discussions and volunteers to answer questions. When working independently, he works very hard, always trying his best and producing work to the best of his ability. Keep up the great work Alfie. We are very proud of you!
Star Writer: Sarah – Sarah has been chosen as the Star Writer this week for writing a fantastic blurb for her non-fiction book. She worked independently and used all her own ideas, including a fact, question and alliteration as well as super vocabulary. Well done Sarah – your book sounds very exciting! Great work. We are very proud of you!
WOW – Bobby- Bobby has been chosen as the worker of the week because he has tried hard with all of his work this week. He tried to work independently on tasks and to complete them to the best of his ability. Keep up the good work Bobby.
Star Writer- Lalita- Lalita has been chosen as the star writer this week because she wrote a lovely blurb for her book. She worked on her own and wrote all her own ideas, sounding out each word independently. She made her book sound very exciting!
WOW:  Ellie has the WOW this week as she has been working hard in her phonics and thinking about how to add different suffixes to root words when they end in a y. Keep it up!
Star Writer: Eldoxa- Eldoxa worked so hard in all his work this week but I was especially pleased with how he showed lots of enthusiasm when finding different animal facts! I am so proud of you!
WOW – Dulcie B – for always putting in her best effort to every task. She has worked particularly hard in maths this week. Keep up the good work! J
Star Writer – Daisy J for working super hard on her poem ‘Down behind the dustbin’. She used rhyming strings and presented it using the correct structure. Well done! J
WOWHenry W-for being consistently good in class. He is a kind mature member of 3M.
Star writerElza S has been chosen as the star writer because she concentrated on her writing to produce a very pleasing rhyming poem called ‘Down behind the dustbin’ Well done.
Star writer – Charlie – Wrote a brilliant paragraph about Passover. He wrote in full sentences and used some good detail.
WOW – Sofia is a super role model in our class. She shows kindness each day and works well with any group or member of our class.
WOW: Imogen L and Katie S – for excellent work on decimal numbers and great enthusiasm during maths lessons. Well done!
Star Writer: Georgie G is this week’s Star Writer for writing a brilliant character profile of Wonder Woman She included embedded clauses and used a variety of descriptions in her work. Well done Georgie!
WOW: Rae F – Rae Was really creative with her description of a toy that she would put in the magic cupboard to come to life.  I was really impressed with her similes!
Star Writer: Valentino M: Valentino wrote a brilliant description of a toy he would put in a cupboard to bring to life.  He worked really hard and thought of some great adjectives.
WOW: Charlie worked very hard in English this week. He followed instructions very carefully and came up with lots of lovely ideas for his work. He was very careful with his presentation and made sure his work was neat at tidy.
Star Writer: Regan R– Regan wrote an excellent description of a toy that he would bring to life. He used varied sentence openers and included an embedded clause in one of his sentences. Well done Regan!
WOW: Olivia M, for making such progress in reading, writing and math during the partial school closure.
Star Writer: Sam L, for a very appropriately voiced non-chronological report on the yellow-spotted Lizard. Sam wrote it in the style of a formal public information safety leaflet.
WOW:.Nancy W for continuously giving all subjects her best effort. You have worked very hard this week!
Star Writer: Leela P for writing a great non-chronological report on the yellow-spotted Lizard. Leela was able to put her work into a superb poster. Well done!
WOW –  Sam R for a consistently high effort in class.
Star Writer – Matei A for a very informative and well-designed non-chronological report on the Yellow Spotted Lizard.
WOW – Adam H for some excellent work in science. Adam showed a great understanding of how animals adapt to their habitats over many years and could also explain how the adaptive traits of living things help them to survive. Terrific work, Adam!
Star Writer- Tom S for an excellent non-chronological report about the Jabberwocky. Tom proof-read and edited his original report with an expert eye and, as a result, was able to produce a really super redrafted version. Excellent writing, Tom!
WOW – Brooke F – for working hard all the time, producing work of a great standard and helping others too. Joshua T – for participating more in class discussions, working hard on all tasks and generally being a pleasure to teach.
Star Writer – George T – for working really hard on writing a report on a fictional creature. He tried hard to present his work neatly and produce detailed information about the monster.
WOW- William L- for the imagination he demonstrated when making his salt dough sculpture. He took his original idea and adapted it, whilst working, to produce a very interesting model. I am impressed by his work.
Star Writer – Barney. R– his work about Jabberwockies was detailed and the content interesting to read. His work was very well organised and used the accurate features for this type of work; he demonstrated a good understanding about how a non-chronological report is produced. 
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