NEWS: Engayne was awarded 2nd place in the Upminster Tree Festival competition. Our tree gained 131 votes and the school was presented with a certificate commemorating 2nd place!


Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 14th February


1BC/1B 98.33% 3RB/6F 99.33% %

We had 11 classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year 1 (98.20%) and Year 6 (97.11%) HOUSE: Cook (97.69%)

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 11th February 2020

Avon Star writer – Grace V for writing an excellent description about her alien. She was able to sound out the words herself. Well done! WOW – Savannah L for excellent maths work. She has been working hard in maths club to remember her numbers. Well done!
Trent Star writer- Aiyana H – For excellent independent writing about staying safe on the internet. Aiyana used information from the lesson and wrote key facts independent. Super work, well done Aiyana J WOW- Ethan L – For fantastic independent maths work. Ethan completed missing number and subtraction tasks and explained how he worked out his answer. Well done Ethan J  
Fleet WOW Poppy C for fantastic effort in using her teen numbers in Mathematics this week! What an improvement! Star Writer Emily B excellent use of finger spaces and sounding out when writing a description about her alien.  
1B WOW – All of 1B for putting on an amazing performance for our class assembly last week. You made me a very proud teacher! J Star Writer – Freddie P for writing an imaginative diary entry in character as Jack from ‘The Tunnel’. Freddie was able to use the word ‘suddenly’ and include his senses to add interest to his writing.
1BC WOW – Kenzie W for making a huge effort this week to be more independent within his writing. Keep up the good work! Star Writer: Elle-Louise S  for writing a brilliant diary entry as Rose from The Tunnel. You used finger spaces and made sure your handwriting was legible and neat. Well done!  
1L Jacob C: For trying super hard with his handwriting this week. He has been trying to control the size and shape of his letters. Wow: Ayaan N: For fantastic use of her phonics when reading what a fantastic job.
2BR Wow- The whole of 2BR have been chosen as the workers of the week because they tried so hard with their poetry performances. The children worked hard to try to learn the words off by heart for their performances and tried to use big voices when they were performing to each other and the rest of the year group. Every child has worked hard on their reading and mathematics jobs, trying to answer all of the questions.
2C The whole of 2C have been chosen as the workers of the week for their lovely poetry performances during this week. All of the children have worked hard to make sure that they used big voices and they tried to add expression and movements to their work as well. The children have also been working hard on their reading and mathematics work that they had to do on their own. All of the children tried their best during the whole week!
2M All of the children in 2M have been chosen as the workers of the week because they worked so hard on their poetry performances. They have all tried to learn their poems and worked on performing them without using the pieces of paper to help them. The children have also worked hard on their reading and mathematics jobs and have all improved a lot during the year so far.
3W Star Writer- Charlie A  for his wonderfully written newspaper article. He included a catchy headline, the 5 W’s and two quotes – all punctuated correctly. Good work, Charlie! WOW- Izabela C for working extra hard in maths this week and confidently presenting her answers to the class. Well done!
3RB Star Writer – Grace C- Grace worked very hard this week on our newspaper article. She worked through our checklist and used inverted commas confidently and is almost spot on with her punctuation inside the inverted commas. WOW – Lexi – Lexi  R  is always kind and helpful. She has especially shown this to her peers this week as she has helped children complete jobs if they have been stuck. She has done this without being asked and without making a fuss. An asset to this class!
3M Star WriterRalph L– for working hard to spell accurately using the word bank and for presenting his work neatly.  Wow Emerald O – for trying very hard in the science lesson demonstrating good understanding of shadows and light.
4BT Star writer: Piers O – Piers is this week’s star writer for writing a fabulous set of instructions for how to make a toy come to life. He used adverbs and imperative verbs well. Well done Piers! WOW: Jack R: Jack is this week’s WOW winner as he has really made a big effort to try his very best recently. Miss Thomas and Miss Brennan have noticed how much more he is getting done in lessons and that he is working very hard. Well done Jack!  
4W Star Writer: Abigail C- Abigail wrote a brilliant set of instructions on how to make a toy come to life. She used imperative verbs and adverbial openers. Well done Abigail! Wow: Ben M- Ben has been trying really hard in all his work and has tried his best to remain positive even if he is finding a task difficult. Keep it up Ben!
4C Star Writer – Millie C – Millie wrote fantastic instructions last week for how to make a toy come alive.  Her writing is always full of creative flair and is a joy to read. WOW – Isla M – Isla is a pleasure to have in our classroom.  She attempts every job with a smile and always gives 100%. She sets an example of how to behave to her peers.
5T Star writer – Beatrice L for her well-written explanation about the difference between a solution and a substance. Beatrice used a range of scientific vocabulary appropriately and accurately. WOW – Emily K for her fantastic enthusiasm for and explanations in her maths this week. Emily demonstrated key competency in her counting skills to create accurate reflections and translations.  
5G WOW – Daniel E for fantastic work throughout the week. Daniel has a great work ethic and tries his best in all his endeavours. Keep this up! Star Writer – Millie B for an interesting and fact filled report on the Yellow Spotted Lizard. Millie was able to explain in detail facts about this creature such as diet, habitat etc
6F Star writer:Mia S. Mia wrote a super letter from Lord Macbeth, conveying his inner turmoil about the problems he faced in becoming the King of Scotland. She used adverbials for cohesion and, as a result, her letter was well-paced and enjoyable to read. Well done, Mia! WOW: Seb C. Seb showed an excellent understanding of angles, in Maths. He was able to use a protractor with good accuracy to construct acute and obtuse angles and he could also accurately calculate the value of missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals. Great work, Seb!
6P SW: Denisa C: I have been pleased by the quality of the letter she produced when pretending to be Macbeth writing to his wife. She used a range of sentence structures and punctuation to make her work cohesive and enjoyable to read. WOW:  Luke S and Isa B: for the team work displayed during gymnastics. They used both the floor and apparatus to create imaginative sequences of rolls, jumps and balances, which they performed in unison. It was impressive to watch.
6N WOW – Kitti B – for progressing well in her reading comprehension and performing well in class with these activities. Star – Phoebe M – for writing an excellent diary entry as Lady Macbeth showing her evilness and madness and concentrating on using the three ambitious wow words for the week. 
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