Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 8th November


1B 98.67% 4C 100%

All but 8 classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. WELL DONE! Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year 1 (97.11%) and Year 4 (97.89%) HOUSE: LIVINGSTONE 97.28%

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 5A KS1 1B



WOW Awards

Week commencing : 5th November 2019

Avon Star writer – Chloe D for an excellent effort writing CVC words. She was able to hear the sounds and write them all by herself! Well done! WOW – Marshall T for excellent behaviour and concentration this week. He has been putting his hand up to answer questions on the carpet. Well done!
Trent  Star Writer- Charlie S- For excellent writing of CVC words to match the pictures. Charlie heard and wrote sounds independently J A great improvement in your writing, well done Charlie, keep it up! WOW- Carter B- For excellent engagement and effort during independent tasks this week. Carter is working hard to produce his best work, especially in his writing. Well done Carter J  
Fleet WOW Isabella B. For excellent enthusiasm and interest when learning about the celebration of Diwali this week. Well Done! Star Writer Elsie B for trying hard to hear the first and last sounds in CVC words when labelling pictures.  
1B WOW: Jack T for behaving wonderfully during our trip to the church last week. Jack worked hard in his group to find all the different church furniture on his tick sheet. Star Writer: Phoenix C for working really hard during handwriting this week. Phoenix was excellent at concentrating on the task in hand and was very proud of his work in the end! Well done J
1BC WOW: Neave E you are so well behaved at school. We are really glad to have you in 1BC! Your behaviour on the church trip set a great example to the other children. Thank you! Star writer: Kelly S you wrote a great description of your alien. And a fantastic picture too. Well done!
1L SW – Regan M: Regan wrote a fantastic piece of writing about an alien that he had created using some good description. WOW: Melody S: For her increase in confidence and perseverance when facing work she finds challenging.
2BR Star writer- Calli H- Calli has been chosen as the star writer this week because she has been trying very hard to improve her handwriting. She always takes great pride in the presentation of her work and perseveres when we are learning the trickier joins. Keep up the good work Calli! WOW- Oceano W – Oceano has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because he has been working really hard in all of our subjects. He has displayed a very sensible attitude, persevering with his work and trying his very best. Well done Oceano!
2C Star writer- Chase  B- Chase has been chosen as the star writer this week because of his improvement in his handwriting. He has been trying really hard to improve the presentation of his work whilst still keeping the content up to its usual standard. Keep it up Chase! WOW- Joel O- Joel has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because he has been working really hard in all of our subjects but particularly in maths. He has worked at home as well as at school on his adding and taking away and is now able to explain to the rest of the class how to complete the answers to the questions including carrying over and borrowing. Keep it up Joel!
2M Star Writer – Bethany W – Bethany has been a super star with her handwriting. She has been working so hard to make sure that her presentation is the best it can possibly be. I am so proud! WOW- Jayden  A– Jayden has been working really hard to remember his lines for our class assembly. He has been helping the other children remember the class poem. Well done Jayden, what great teamwork.
3W WOW- Frankie D- for her super effort in every lesson. She listens carefully and produces excellent work. Keep it up, Frankie! J Star Writer- Jack B- for his fantastic forest description. He used all 5 senses and included noun phrases. Well done!
3M WOW – Mason B – for trying so hard in all lessons and having a great work ethic. Star Writer – Ruby K – for writing some interesting sentences using inverted commas in English. She has developed her ideas for a writing a conversation between a Stone Age girl and a modern boy.
3RB WOW – Rafael J –  For being a very supportive member of the class. He happily helped someone on Friday to complete a task whilst he did his own and it was lovely to see! Star Writer – Skye P – for using great adverbial sentence openers in her story mountain.
4C WOW – Georgia H – For being a super role model to the class.  Georgia is always the first one ready to learn and works so hard on every task.  What a star! Star Writer – Jai C – For writing a super introduction to our ‘Iron Monster’ story.  Jai really worked hard on his handwriting and I noticed this.  Keep it up!  He also used brilliant prepositions and adjectives.
4BT Wow – Emily M for always being enthusiastic about learning. Emily is ready for every lesson, contributes to class discussions and supports here peers whenever possible. Star writer – Max S is this week’s star writer for writing a brilliant introduction to his own version of ‘The Iron Man’. Max used prepositional openers and great adjectives.
5T Star Writer – Emily K for a well written explanation about the inconsistent triad, explaining why bad things can happen in a good world. WOW – Phoebe M for taking responsibility to persevere in order to improve her understanding and application of her times tables in long multiplication.
6F Star writer:Bethany A. Bethany produced an interesting first draft of a diary account, told from two different perspectives. She used fronted adverbials, repetition and figurative language very effectively as devices to engage her readers. Great work, Bethany! WOW: Braydon B. Braydon showed an excellent understanding of the concept of the order of operations and applied his understanding really well, when solving some really tricky BODMAS calculations. Super job, Braydon!
6N WOW – Darcy C – for always working hard, getting on with tasks quietly and promptly and completing activities to a very good standard. STAR – Fenton E – for showing a great attitude towards his writing. He is working very hard to improve and include detail in his work and, last week, spent a long time conscientiously completing his diary entry. He didn’t rush, even when others were finishing, he kept going.
6P SW: Giovanna T:  Giovanna has listened to advice and shown more confidence when using a variety of skills, which has made her work more cohesive.  I really enjoyed reading her diary work as she showed she understood how the character would feel. Well done, Giovanna. WOW: Arishnan A:  For the imagination he used whilst developing his 3D model of the boy from the Jabberwocky poem. He used the techniques for modelling with clay accurately and paid close attention to detail; his work is excellent to look at.  Great work, Arishnan.
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