Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards


THIS WEEK CLASSES: 1B 100% and 6P 99.66%

We had 16 out of 21 classes meet school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!

YEAR GROUPS: Year One 97.00% and Year 5 98.18%


Mid-Day Supervisor Award

KS1 KS2 4WH 4W 4BT

Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 14th June 2021

Wow- Daniel for excellent maths work this week. He was able to halve the cubes and counted carefully all by himself! Well done!
Star writer- Vogue for trying hard with her writing. She now is able to find most sounds on the letter mat and can hear the first and last sound in each word. Well done!
Wow- Hudson– For showing great behaviour and listening well during whole class activities. Hudson always works hard to complete all independent activities to the best of his ability. Well done Hudson J
Star writer- Holly– For working really hard when writing sentences. Holly used her sounds well to write speech bubbles for the characters in the story of ‘Eliot Midnight Superhero’ Well done Holly, keep up the great work J
WOW- Ernest H for always making sensible choices and working as a team in Fleet Class. Ernest is always the first to offer help! Well Done!
Star writer- Isabelle W. Isabelle has been working so hard these last few weeks. She has become more determined to write on her own during Phonics and Literacy. Miss Jupp is very proud of your wonderful writing!
Wow- Ethan has been chosen as the worker of the week for being such a ‘Kodable’ whizz. Ethan was our class expert with our new coding app and help the other children if they got stuck. Well done Ethan!
Star writer- William has the star writer award this week for trying really hard with his handwriting. William always tries his best and this week wrote a super fact file about Mary Seacole.
Wow- Rafael has been chosen for worker of the week for his increased confidence lately. He is contributing more to class discussions and we are enjoying listening to him talk passionately about his interests. Rafael always produces his best work, taking great pride in his ideas and presentation.
Star writer- Alan is our star writer this week, as I have noticed how much effort he has been making to use new vocabulary in his sentences. Alan wants his writing to be interesting, so always tries hard to include his own ideas and words in his work. He often uses humour in his writing too, which makes it fun to read. Keep it up Alan!
 Wow- Edith has been chosen as Worker of the week as she is such a helpful girl in class. Without being prompted she took it upon herself to help another member of the class when writing parts of Mary Seacole’s life. She always looks out for others in class and is caring and kind at all times.
Star writer- Danas has this week’s star writer for a huge improvement in writing. He is able to form all letters correctly and now writes using finger spaces and capital letters where needed. Well done Danas!!!
Wow – Alea has been chosen as the worker of the week for always working hard and persevering in every subject. She completes tasks to the best of her ability and never gives up. Well done Alea – we are very proud of you!
Star writer- Charlotte D has been chosen as the star writer this week for writing a fantastic character description. She used super vocabulary, similes, conjunctions and remembered all her full stops and capital letters. Keep up the great work Charlotte!
Wow- Zach has been chosen as the worker of the week for always being ready to learn. He listens carefully, works hard in every subject and is always willing to help others. Keep it up Zach.
Zach has been chosen as the worker the week for working so hard, listening at all times and
Star writer- Theresa has been chosen for star writer this week because she wrote an excellent contrast and comparison about a variety of different religious ceremonies. It was beautifully presented and informative. Keep up the hard work Theresa.
Wow- Phoebe has been chosen as WOW this week because she has been listening really carefully in our R.E lessons and comparing different ways in which a new baby is celebrated in different religions. Well done.
Star writer- Teddy has been chosen as star writer this week as he has been trying really hard in his phonics lessons and applying this to his written work. He has also been thinking carefully about his handwriting. Well done.
WOW Brogan M – for working super hard during every lesson and always completing jobs to a high standard. Keep up the fantastic work! J
Star Writer – Daisy J for her excellent newspaper report about flying frogs! She used the 5Ws, included quotes and used paragraphs. Well done!
WOW  Ellis B for demonstrating super behaviour in class. For always being polite and helpful. Keep it up!
Star Writer Josie Marie H for writing a fantastic newspaper article from ‘Tuesday’.
WOW – Hannah G for always trying her best in class. Hannah demonstrates excellent behaviour and will always go out of her way to help her peers. Keep up the brilliant work Hannah!
Star Writer – Millie P for writing a brilliant newspaper report about flying frogs! She included paragraphs, quotes and a great heading. Excellent work Millie!
WOW Charlie P – Charlie is this week’s WOW winner for his lovely manners. Charlie will always go out of his way to assist others such as holding doors open or helping those around him. Well done Charlie!
Star Writer – Oliver V – Ollie is this week’s Star Writer for writing a brilliant poem about why he is so brilliant! Ollie made sure to vary his language and even added humour to his work. Well done Ollie!
WOW Oscar S –  For being so supportive and helpful in class with his peers. He shows great empathy and understanding to the children who need it. Well done Oscar.
Star Writer – James H – For trying so hard with his handwriting. He has persevered to make his writing smaller and neater with finger spaces.
WOW Max A– Max is this week’s WOW for showing kindness towards others and being helpful in class. Well done Max!
Star Writer – Harrison S– Harrison is this week’s Star Writer for his excellent poem about why he is so amazing! Harrison wrote a lovely acrostic poem and even managed to include some rhyming words. Well done Harrison!
WOW Lola B, for continuing to work just as hard for the last two weeks, even though her wrist and hand are in a cast. Amazing effort.
Star Writer – Albert B, for a detailed, entertaining story written in the style of Rudyard Kipling.
WOW – Maisy B. Maisy consistently works hard and puts 100% effort into all she does. She has a wonderfully positive attitude. 
 Star Writer – Jackson N. Jackson has worked hard to improve the quality of his writing and always tries his best to use ambitious vocabulary. 
WOW Isabel O for working hard and being a super member of the class this week.
Star Writer –Millie C – for a lovely piece of writing based on a Just So story.
WOW – Joseph B and Poppy G. Joseph and Poppy have proved to be very reliable and accurate house point monitors this year. They can always be relied upon to get the job done without asking and work very well together.
Star Writer – Charlie B. Charlie made very effective and creative use of a storyboard, when planning out his short story based on a picture from The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. His story has an intriguing plot and is fill of excellent characterisation.
WOW – Lucas B – for his hard work and progress in maths.
Star Writer Zach T – for working hard to create a detailed story carefully following his targets.
WOW – Paris. W – I was very impressed by the way she used correct scientific language to explain her results during a science investigation.
Star Writer – Rhys E – For the improvement he has made when planning and drafting a story.  His ideas were organised well and he used a range of sentence structures to make his work cohesive and interesting.
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