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Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 11th December


We had out of classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


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Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 23rd November 2020

WOW Edward for trying really hard with his reading. He was able to blend sounds to read words. Well done!
Star writerAparna for trying hard to write CVC words this week. She was able to hear the sounds in the sounds. Well done!
WOWAdvaith- For improved effort in independent activities. Advaith is working hard to complete a range of activities in the classroom. Well done.
Star WriterElcie – Fantastic effort in writing this week. Elcie used her sounds well to write CVC words. A great improvement! Well done Elcie.
WOW – Charlotte P Charlotte has been very creative this week! It has been lovely to watch her use different materials and other media to make her own models and drawings. I love your new creations!
Star Writer – Daniel H for trying hard to hear sounds in CVC words. What an improvement in writing on your own!
WOW  – Emmie B for always putting 100% effort into everything she does. Emmie is a delight to teach and is an excellent example to her peers. Well done!
Star Writer  – Hollis C for using his sounds to write about what he would do if he was as flat as ‘Flat Stanley’. Hollis came up with some great ideas and is gaining more confidence within writing.
WOW- Beau is this week’s worker of the week! She is always very well behaved and has been spotted being helpful and considerate to others many times this week. Beau is helpful, polite and tries very hard with all her work. Well done Beau!
Star Writer- Joshua C has earnt this award this week for his explanation of what he would do, if he was as flat as Flat Stanley. Joshua’s writing showed that he has been listening to advice about finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and the size of his writing. He is trying hard to improve his writing. Keep it up Joshua!
WOW Elsie B for always listening carefully to the class instructions and trying her best in her learning. She is kind and helpful and plays nicely with her friends. Elsie has a wonderful infectious laugh which makes us giggle!
Star Writer– Edith H. Edith you are this week’s star writer as you wrote 2 fantastic sentences about what you would do if you were flat like Flat Stanley. Your writing is getting better and better!  You spent a long time on this job. Well done Edith!
WOW – LillyLilly has been chosen as the worker of the week because she has been working really hard in every subject. What a superstar! Lilly has shown perseverance even when tasks were a little tricky and  has continually tried her best. Keep up the good work Lilly!
Star Writer- FreddieFreddie has been chosen as the star writer for writing a brilliant non-chronological report about Neil Armstrong. He included sub-headings for each paragraph which contained lots of facts. He also included captions for his fantastic drawings. Well done Freddie!
WOW – NaomiNaomi has had a fantastic week and truly deserves to be the worker of the week. She is always hard working, focussed and presents all of her work to a high standard with excellent presentation. Well done Naomi!
Star Writer – Betsy Betsy has been chosen for star writer because she has written a lovely, neat paragraph about the life cycle of a frog. She included all of her capital letters, full stops and even thought of her own adjectives. Well done Betsy!
WOW – Ollie DOllie has been a superstar! He created a brilliant rocket with facts about Neil Armstrong. 2M were able to use these facts to help them in their writing. Well done!
Star WriterGwenny G – Gwenny has created a brilliant non-chronological report all about Neil Armstrong. She really thought about which facts she wanted to use and used subheadings! Well Done Gwenny!

WOW – Olivia M – for showing great effort and enthusiasm across all her work this week. Olivia has tried extra hard in maths and I am super impressed by her confidence when independently completing a task. Keep up the fantastic work! J
Star Writer – Daniel T – for working super hard during our English lessons this week. He put great effort into every task and wrote a fantastic description of Littlenose using a variety of openers, pronouns and descriptive language. Well done, Daniel! J
Star writerMolly K is the star writer award for using her knowledge of The Stone Age life to write about Little nose’s adventures.
WOWSairaa L has demonstrated a mature understanding of our Science topic. She has considered the information about different rocks to answer question. Good effort.
Star writer – Daya – for working very hard in our English lessons this week. She showed great editing skills when finding mistakes in a paragraph. Also Daya was able to use a variety of interesting pronouns.
WOW – Phoebe – Pheobe has been working so hard in maths lessons. She impressed us during a focus maths group last week where she had lovely presentation and excellent focus throughout the lesson. Well done Phoebe.
WOW  Poppy J: Poppy is this week’s WOW winner for her fantastic effort to improve the presentation of her work. Poppy has been trying to make sure she uses her best handwriting when working. Well done Poppy and keep up the hard work!
Star Writer  Jack B: This week’s Star Writer award goes to Jack! Jack wrote a lovely scene description for the book ‘The Arrival’. He included some great vocabulary and an embedded clause in his work. Well done Jack!
WoW Harvey B – Harvey always gives his all in all lessons and puts his hand up to answer questions, no matter the topic.  His learning attitude is fantastic!
Star Writer – Rae has worked really hard on her handwriting recently and earnt her pen licence.  Well done!
WOW: Mollie B– Mollie has been working really hard in class, she is always ready to learn and puts lots of effort into her classwork. Mollie is always well-behaved and polite and an excellent role model. Well done Mollie!
Star Writer: Renae M– Renae wrote an excellent poem based on the ‘sounds of Winter’. Renae came up with some lovely ideas for her poem and was able to copy them up very neatly. Well done Renae!
WOW: Georgia Hfor terrific work on showing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line, and converting them to improper fraction. She showed great effort.
Star Writer: Hezekiah L for a lovely diary, written from the points of view of Bradley Chalkers and Jeff Fishkin from ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’.
WOW: Zak EFor participating in the class debate with confidence. Zak listened well to others opinions and was able to build upon and create a convincing counter argument. Well done!
Star Writer : Mia CFor writing a great diary from the point of view of Jeff Fishkin. She had a brilliant tone and really understood the characters.
WOW – Lucy P for working excellently as part of a team in our outdoor learning session.
Star Writer – Jake P – for creating an excellent plan to form a balanced argument, both drawing upon known facts and inferring from the story ‘There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom’.
WOW – Ollie S. Ollie delivered an excellent show and tell presentation about the life and wartime experiences of his great-grandmother. He was very knowledgeable and kept his audience’s attention throughout, showing them some super resources. Excellent work, Ollie!
Star Writer – Joe K. Joe produced an excellent draft narrative, describing the evacuation of a teacher and his class. He used fronted adverbials for cohesion, a rhetorical question for effect and subordinate clauses for complexity. Super job, Joe!
WOW George W – for working hard at home and showing a good attitude to his learning.
Star writerHarry R – for working hard to progress with his writing. 
Star Writer: Phoebe M For producing a good quality diary entry, when writing in the role of a character being given an evacuee to look after. She used a range of sentence structures and interesting language, which was engaging to read.
WOW:  Jamie P: For the enthusiasm he always shows during French work. I have been very impressed by his confidence when completing both speaking and writing tasks.
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