Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 23rd October


1BR 100% 4W 100%

We had 20 out of 21 classes met school target of 96% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


EYFS (97.64%) and Year 5 (98.77%) HOUSE: IGNIS (98.71%)

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 12th October 2020

Avon WOW – Fatima N for always coming into school with a big smile on her face! She is always keen to learn and tries hard with her work. Star writer – Daniel G for writing an excellent sentence about our Autumn walk! He was able to hear sounds and write some words independently. Well done!
Trent Wow- Archie D – For fantastic maths work! Archie could find one more than any number to 20 and worked hard to find one less than a number. Archie was also really helpful in the classroom, especially at tidy up time J Star Writer- Melis D – For a great improvement when writing her name. Melis is forming all letters well and is confident to write her name independently on all her work. Well done Melis J
Fleet WOW Isabelle W. She is such a kind and thoughtful member of Fleet Class. Isabelle will always help a friend in need and ensures nobody is left out of our play! Star Writer Tobi L. Awarded for trying hard to hear sounds in words when writing about our ‘Autumn Walk’. Well Done!  
1B WOW – Tobias C for trying really hard in swimming and PE this week. Tobias has really made an improvement when getting changed too! Well done Tobias! Star Writer – Laura O for making a wonderful story map based on the story ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’. Laura was able to remember all the events in the correct sequence. Well done Laura!
1BR WOW- Isra H is our worker of the week this week, because of the wonderful way she has settled back into year 1, after having a long break from school. She was full of excitement to return and was so happy to see all her friends. Welcome back Isra! Star Writer- Abigail L has been chosen this week for independently choosing to write a short story about Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. She tried hard to sound out the words she needed. Well done!
1BC WOW: Dolly-Louise C for always coming into school with a big smile on her face! She is always keen to learn and tries hard with all her work. Dolly Louise always has her hand up in class and listens well! Star writer: Sara S – for making a wonderful story map based on the story ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’. Sara was able to remember all the key events in the correct order.
2BR Star writer- AlfieFAlfie has been chosen for star writer for his wonderful diary entry as if he was a wolf in the story ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’. He used time openers, adjectives and conjunctions. Alfie used interesting vocabulary and punctuated his work accurately, including a question mark. Well done. Wow- Dougie R  – Dougie has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because he has worked hard all week in every subject. He always perseveres even when he finds tasks a little tricky and completes them to the best of his ability! Keep up the good work Dougie!
2C Star writer-Azra G – Azra has been chosen as the star writer for her brilliant diary entry as if she was a wolf in the story ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’. She included in her work conjunctions, contractions and adjectives and made sure that she stuck with the first person the whole way through her work. She also tried really hard with her punctuation. Well done Azra. Keep it up! Wow- Adam C Adam has been chosen as the worker of the week this week because of his enthusiasm to his work. He always gives everything a go, even if he is finding it a little bit tricky, and never gives up until he has completed the work set to a good standard. Well done Adam!
2M Star Writer- Lana May W – Lana May wrote a fantastic piece of writing about ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bag Pig’. She thought carefully about the vocabulary she was using and used ‘I’ throughout. WOW- Teddy D – Teddy has been an absolute star this week. He has worked so hard in all his subjects but especially phonics and maths. I am so proud of him.
3W WOW- George M – for his fantastic fact file all about London! George used headings, sub-headings, bullet points and lots of interesting facts! His presentation was excellent. Well done! Star Writer- Bethany W – for her fantastic attitude and enthusiasm towards work. Bethany always tries her best and is eager to learn. Keep up the good work! J
3M WOW: Jack R has been working so hard in his math this week. He has continuously contributed to class discussions and been able to explain his method and reasoning.
Star writer: Sadie Q has used interesting adjectives and a range of punctuation. A fantastic piece of descriptive writing!
3BM Star writer – Joel O for producing a very detailed piece of writing about a view from the window. He included similes and adjectives as well as lovely adverbs to create interesting images for the reader. WOW – Franklin A has shown excellent manners this week by thanking other children for helping him. We are really pleased to see him talking so politely to his friends
4BT Star writer – Louie P is this week’s star writer. He wrote his own version of a blurb for the book ‘Varjak Paw’. Louie used great vocabulary and ‘turns of phrases’ in his blurb. He also ended with some rhetorical questions to entice the reader. Well done Louie! WOW – Katie S is this week’s WOW winner for her hard work and perseverance. She is ready for each lesson and shows a good enthusiasm for learning. Katie is a great role model as she is always very polite and kind to others. Well done Katie!  
4C WOW – Mariam J – For having an excellent attitude to learning and for always trying hard in class.  Mariam is also an expert at her times tables already.  Well done! Star Writer – Amelie M – For writing a super blurb about ‘Varjak Paw’.  Amelie used excellent rhetorical questions and her amazing vocabulary to entice the reader to pick up the book!
4W WOW- Hallie A- Hallie A has been trying really hard with her classwork and putting in lots of effort. She is very helpful in class and always polite and positive. Keep up the good work Hallie! Star Writer-  Izabela C: Izabela wrote a lovely blurb for our class book ‘Varjak Paw’. She included the different features we spoke about in class and some lovely adjectives to describe Varjak. Well done Izabela!
5G WOW – Robert A – for excellent, thorough and accurate work on the fundamental theorem of arithmetic. Robert was able to express his results using powers. Star writer – Finn B, for a superb description of the  way the fox emerged from the trees in his re-telling of ‘The Midnight Fox’.
5R WOW – Logan M – For persevering when working on mathematical problems. Logan tries extremely hard in maths. Well done! Star Writer – Andrew S – Andrew produced a fantastic description of meeting a fox using a range of figurative devices in his retelling of ‘The Midnight Fox’. I am very impressed!
5T Star Writer : Jake P for a very good use of figurative language in his descriptive narrative WOW: Jack R for showing a good level of determination in maths.
6F Star Writer: Thomas S. Thomas completed some excellent research into micro-organisms and wrote a very interesting, engaging report as a result. The key facts section of his report was super. Well done, Thomas! WOW: Adam H. Adam worked really accurately when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. He also solved a very difficult challenge on this topic. Great work, Adam!
6N Star Writer – Sam S – for writing a detailed report on microorganisms. WOW – whole class – for everyone working hard to improve their handwriting.
6P Star Writer: Timothy F: For using research skills confidently to help him write very detailed notes about microorganisms. WOW: Charlie W: For showing an excellent attitude towards his learning by focusing on his work and completing tasks to a high standard.

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