Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards W/E 18th JUNE


We had 16 out of 21 classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year Group: Year 2 97.25% and Year 3 97.61% HOUSE: TERRA (GREEN) 97.09%

Mid-Day Supervisor Award

KS1 AVON, 1B, 2BR KS2 4W

Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 7th June 2021

Wow- Arjun for excellent maths work this week. He was able to identify all of the coins when playing in the clothes shop. Well done!
Star writer- Remi for trying hard in phonics to write sentences independently. She is working hard to say her sentence out loud before writing.
 Wow- Aiden For being a great team player and helpful member of the class. Aiden worked well in his team during sports day, cheering on all his friends. Well done Aiden J
Star writer- Buster – For working hard to hear and write sounds in words. Buster has also remembered how to spell some tricky words on his own. Keep up the great work Buster J
 Wow- Jayden H. Awarded for excellent participation and teamwork during Sports Day. Well Done!
Star writer- Heidi L for trying hard to hear sounds in words to write what she would like to be when she grows up. Keep going!
Wow- All of 1B for trying really hard during sports day. You didn’t let the grey miserable weather stop you from having a wonderful time.
Star writer – Zoe for writing all about her ambitions and dreams. Zoe wants to be a gamer and turned herself into a mini cartoon character!
Wow- Samar has our Wow award this week, because she always impresses us with her thirst for learning. She is keen to learn new words and loves to share with the class what she already knows about a topic. Samar follows the school rules well and tries hard to succeed in all her work. Keep it up Samar!
Star writer- Marshall is our star writer this week, because he is trying so hard to sound words out and write them independently. He is checking his handwriting is neat and now likes to write more sentences to make sure that all his good ideas are included. Well d one Marshall!
 Wow- Teddie-Jane for working independently in class. We have noticed that she has grown in confidence especially in writing where she is using her sounds and concentrating so well. Well done.
Star writer- Freddie has this week’s star writer as he did some excellent writing about what he wanted to be when he grows up. He spelt key words correctly and used his sounds well. He gave excellent reasons as to why he wants to be a palaeontologist.
Wow- George – George has been chosen as the worker of the week because he has been working hard in all our lessons. He has been volunteering to answer questions and joining in with discussions. He has also persevered and tried his very best with all tasks. Well done George. We are very proud of you!
Star writer- Ayaan – Ayaan has been chosen as the star writer because she wrote a fantastic advert for her dream job – to be a scientist! She thought very carefully about the skills she would need to be able to do the job. It sounded very exciting! She also used her best handwriting. Keep up the great work Ayaan!
Wow- Lilah-Rose- Lilah has been chosen as the worker of the week because she has been concentrating so hard in all of our lessons. Her independence has really improved and she is now confident to start all tasks on her own. Keep up the good work Lilah J
Star writer- Leo- Leo has been chosen as the star writer because he wrote a fantastic job advert to be a Lego designer. He thought very carefully about what skills you would need to be able to do the job and tried his best to make it sound super exciting as well as writing with very neat handwriting! Well done Leo!
Wow- Ling-An- Ling-An has been a superstar this week. She tried really hard during sports day and has been working very well in all our theme week activities.
Star writer- Elird. Elird wrote a fantastic job advert for his dream job. He thought about the important skills needed to become an artist and explained why they applied to the job. Well done.
WOW Willow O – for always trying her best and participating in class discussions. She has worked super hard in science this week and labelled the human skeleton independently. 
Star Writer – James W –for his fantastic recount of our Roman re-enactment day. He used conjunctions to expand his sentences, punctuated well and use paragraphs! Well done J
Star Writer – Jack R for producing an excellent piece of writing about our Boudicca Battle. Well done.           
WOW Alfred S for continuing to work exceptionally hard in all subjects. I have been extremely impressed with his attitude and effort. Well done, Alfred.
WOW Selena – Selena works hard in all subjects. We have been focusing on being polite and remembering our manners. Selena is a very good role model and is always heard saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
Star Writer – Freya. Freya worked very hard last week with her writing. She wrote a lovely recount of our Roman and Celtic battle. She worked hard to use paragraphs remembered her punctuation.
WOW Valentine O – Valentine is this week’s WOW winner for his fantastic effort in PE. Valentine concentrated well and focused on our activity of throwing and managed to throw his javelin very far Well done Valentine!
Star Writer – Sophie G-L – Sophie is this week’s Star Writer for writing a great poem called ‘Ten things found in a Child’s Tray’. Sophie worked hard to spell correctly, used conjunctions to make some of her sentences longer and presented her work neatly. Well done Sophie!
WOW Jake – For working so hard this week. Jake has worked quietly and sensibly which has enabled him to complete all his work. Well done Jake.
Star Writer – Lenny – For writing a wonderful poem about ’10 things in my draw’ independently. Well done Lenny.
WOW Izabela C- Izabela has been awarded the WOW award for being very polite in class and listening carefully to others. Well done Izabela!
Star Writer – Henry S- Henry wrote an excellent poem about ’10 things found in a pupil’s tray’. He included some conjunctions to explain some items in his poem further. Well done Henry!
WOW Saffron B, for great effort and achievement in maths when converting between different metric units.
Star Writer – Leo T, for an extremely detailed plan for his own version of a Just So story.
WOW Emily W. Emily works incredibly hard at all times. She gives every subject her very best effort and she is a wonderful role model to those around her. Well done!
Star Writer – Henry B. Henry worked very hard this week to produce a great piece of writing displaying his understanding of the seven life processes in science. Great work!
WOW Tamlyn F – for always participating well and showing a keen interest in all our learning.
Star Writer – Class 5T for their wonderful retelling of the story of the Elephant’s child
WOW – Charlotte H. Charlotte gave an excellent presentation to the rest of 6F about a rubbish clearance activity, which she completed at Cranham Brickfields with her dad. Charlotte showed that she has a super awareness of how environmental issues can affect local wildlife.
Star Writer – Divine O. Divine created a fabulous draft diary entry, written in the first person as Lady Macbeth. He conveyed an effective understanding of what Lady Macbeth’s motives were and used some super RQs to make his readers think more deeply about what he was writing.
WOW – Tennessee H – for working hard, showing a good understanding and progressing well in her maths work on angles.
Samuel Sc – for working hard to catch up on maths work and showing good progress. 
Star Writer William L – for working hard to write a diary entry as Lady Macbeth illustrating her evil plans and personality.
WOW –  Logan G. For the positive attitude he has always shown to completing extra tasks at home. I was very impressed by the independent research he did about The Titanic and he presented it well.
Star Writer – Jesse F. I was really pleased by the standard of work he produced whilst writing in role as Lady Macbeth as he showed what her personality was truly like.
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