Cleaners Awards/MDS/Attendance

Investors In Pupils Awards Week Ending 13th March


TRENT 99.33% 6F 97.99%

We had just 7 classes met school target of 97% attendance this week. Well done to them. Keep up the attendance. Remember EVERY DAY COUNTS!


Year EYFS (96.67%) and Year 6 (97.21%) HOUSE: Raleigh (96.21%)

Mid-Day Supervisor Award


Cleanest Classroom Overall Winners KS2 KS1




WOW Awards

Week commencing : 17th March 2020

Avon WOW – Stanley B for always being kind to others. He plays nicely with his friends and takes turns. Well done! J Star writer – Rosie V for trying hard to write sentences independently in phonics. She remembered to say the sentence out loud before writing and sound out the words. Well done! J
Trent WOW- Trent Class- For performing an excellent class assembly. All children spoke clearly and sang well. Miss Pumfrett was very proud of you.  J   
Fleet WOW Jed S for bring a wonderful friend in Fleet Class. Jed is always playing nicely with others and including him in his play. Jed always makes sure no one is on their own! Star Writer Dolly-Louise C has shown a great improvement writing sentences on her own! You was able to sound out words to write what the goats might say to the troll getting across the bridge!  
1B WOW – Peter C has been chosen as the worker of the week because he has come in everyday with a smile on his face, despite being a new pupil to Engayne. On Peter’s first day it was very busy with baking and making decorations for café! He took it all in his stride J Star Writer – Cristian C for writing excellent rhymes based on the book ‘My cat likes to hide in boxes’. Cristian was very ambitious and attempted to rhyme ‘Hawaii’ with ‘calamari’!
1BC WOW – Amirah A for being such an excellent role model and well organised member of 1BC. You are always helpful, smiley and polite. Well done! Star Writer – Lalita R for excellent listening skills during Literacy. You used rhyme well in your Cat Poem and your work was beautifully presented. Well done!
1L Star:  Olivia P – For a lovely rhyming verse about a cat from Scotland. Wow – Fletcher C – For trying hard with all his work and showing a lovely can do attitude.
2BR Wow – Lewis M – Lewis has been chosen as the worker of the week because he always tries his very best in every subject. He always concentrates, participates in class discussions and perseveres to complete tasks aswell as embracing any challenges given to him. Keep up the good work Lewis! Star Writer – Sadie Q – Sadie has been chosen as the star writer this week because she wrote a fantastic ‘wanted’ poster describing a character from our book ‘Zoo’. She included adjectives, conjunctions and similes in her description as well as using her best handwriting. Well done Sadie!
2C Wow- Elizabeth P- Elizabeth has been chosen as the worker of the week because she has been concentrating so hard with all of her work. She has been trying hard to complete all of her work in the time she has been given and has been trying to complete extra work and challenges as well. Well done Elizabeth. Star Writer – Nitara A – Nitara has been chosen as star writer because she wrote amazing speech bubbles this week in her English work. She really thought about what the character might say and even wrote a joke. Well done Nitara.
2M Star Writer- Mair L- Mair created a fantastic wanted poster where she used a simile and some adjectives to describe a character from our book. She also has started to use some conjunctions such as ‘because’. When learning about direct speech Mair also was able to use different words to said. Well done. WOW- Jayden- I am so pleased with Jayden’s change in attitude to his learning. He has really been trying hard to make the correct choices. Well done Jayden, I am very proud.
3W Star writer- Louie P- for his fantastic persuasive writing. He created an advert for a holiday to Narnia with superlatives, rhetorical questions and punctuated it perfectly. Well done, Louie! WOW- Valentino M –  Valentino has tried super hard this week! He worked independently to complete his maths quiz and used his best handwriting in English.
3RB Star writer – Isaac A – Isaac produced a very persuasive advert on children and their families travelling to Narnia. He used conjunctions to explain and tried to use ambitious adjectives. Well done! WOW – Charlie P – Charlie has been seen numerous times this week supporting others around him. In maths he enjoys a challenge but if his partner is stuck he will selflessly give up 1 minute of his time to check they understand too and can both carry on. Star!
3M Star writer- Alfie M ;He created an advert for a holiday to Narnia with superlatives, rhetorical questions and imaginative description. Well done Alfie WOW- Aislinn D for always working hard in class and trying to complete tasks to the best of her ability. 
4BT Star writer: Mia C: Mia has been awarded the star writer for this week for writing a great character profile plan of Little Bull from ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’. Mia practised writing embedded clauses and using a variety of interesting pronouns. Well done Mia! WOW- Emily W: Emily has got this week’s Worker of the week award for her consistent hard work in all lessons. She is always one of the first children showing that she is ready to learn, she listens well and tries her best in all lessons. Keep it up Emily!
4W Star writer: Ava W-H: Ava wrote a brilliant character profile plan of Little Bull from ‘Indian in the Cupboard’. Ava used varied openers and embedded clauses in her work. Well done Ava! WOW: Vaishik P:  Vaishik always tries hard in lessons and puts lots of effort into his work! Keep up the good work!
4C Wow – Lucy P – For always being a well behaved member of our class and setting a good example to her peers.  Well done, Lucy. Star Writer – Harry  W – wrote a super description of Little Bull using excellent embedded clauses and alternate pronouns.  Good job!
5T WOW: Keira S for being able to state the value of pi to an incredible number of decimal places. Star Writer: Emma G for a very well written newspaper report based on the events of the Battle of Marathon. Emma was able to use the passive voice to help her create reported tone throughout her article.
5A WOW: Emily N – for the dynamic way she opens 5A’s class assembly. She is loud, clear and expressive. Star writer: Ruby B – for  a terrific description of Count Olaf (from the Lemony Snickett series), that showed  the reader what he was like, rather than simply telling them.
5G Star writer: Megan M for some lovely descriptive writing this week. Megan was able to describe the evil Count Olaf and her description brought the character alive. WOW – James C for working really hard in everything he has done this week. James has shown great thinking skills this week. Keep it up!
6F Star writer: Archie B. Archie showed a good awareness of the features of persuasive writing, when planning a complaint letter about an awful holiday experience. Super work, Archie! WOW: Evie D and Zakee M. Evie and Zakee were able to recite Pi to 100 digits, in last week’s National Pi Day assembly. Evie managed to recall over 100 digits and Zakee competed the challenge at a full gallop. Super work, guys!
6P SW: Thomas V: For producing a detailed letter of complaint about a disastrous visit to a hotel. He made his reasons for complaining very clear, backed his points up with believable examples and used persuasion to show why he should get a refund. Excellent work, Thomas! WOW: Gabi M: For successfully demonstrating a range of skills during basketball lessons and also great sportsmanship when playing in team games. Well done Gabi.
6N STAR – Lucie J – for working hard to use persuasive language and strong reasons to construct a letter of complaint WOW – Miley A – for always working hard in class and trying to complete tasks to the best of her ability. 
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