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We have really enjoyed seeing all the rainbows in the houses when we are out on our daily exercise sessions. In school we created some too. So if you are walking past the school you can see them and know we are thinking about you all! Here are a couple of pictures of what we have been doing in school.

Thanks for the photos of what you have been getting up to at home! Please let us know it is OK to pop them on here to share with your friends!

Your teachers are missing you all! They have sent in some photos of what they have been up to with their families in between working and planning activities for you!

3RB have been enjoying Forest School sessions this half term. They have been exploring the site, engaging with nature and learning new skills. They especially enjoyed making things and our final session using the camp fire!

Year Three had lots of fun in games and puzzles week. They created and played games developing lots of skills and having a great time!


Celtic day was a huge success! The children had the most wonderful hands on experiences to get a taste of Celtic life! The children were able to make bread over an open fire, re-enact life in a Celtic village, use flowers and cloth to make colourful hapa zome designs and even attempt to make Celtic houses using sticks. They were all dressed in character which made the experience even more real for them!

World Book Day gave us lots of opportunities to read, share and enjoy books. Year Three loved going to share books and stories with our Reception classes!

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Year 3 and 4 spelling word lists

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