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We have all been loving seeing the beautiful rainbows displayed in houses and windows when we are out on our daily walks. In school we also created some rainbows which are now displayed at the school gates. If you are passing on your walk you will see them and know we are thinking of you all! If you have been doing exciting projects at home take a photo and send them in! Let us know you are happy for us to put them on the webpage to share with all your friends!

Your teachers have been busy teaching and school and working at home to ensure you have lots of activities to do during your time at home. Mrs Moore has been exploring Times Tables Rockstars with a little help from Bertie!

Year six invented and created board games in our themed week. One “hit” was Engayneopoly based on the popular Monopoly board game! It was an interesting morning of game playing. The children were expected to abide by the board game rules while “Breaking the Rules” for our EPFA fundraiser! They paired up with Year Five classes to teach them new games too!

World Book Week has given Year Six lots of opportunities to read, explore books, write poetry and enjoy reading with others. Year Six went to share books with Year One. They have also created poems on the subject of ambition for the Premier League Primary Stars competition.

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