BIG NEWS: We can now allocate MATHS GAMES as well as BOOKS and PHONIC GAMES on BUG CLUB. Go to active learn primary to log in and get going!

TEACHER FEEDBACK: On Bug Club if there is an envelope sign over your library tab on the home page … you have a message or feedback on an answer from your teacher.

We have been painting rainbows in school. Today we have been placing them on the school gates and fences so when you have a walk you can see them and know we are thinking about you all! There are also some photos of what we have been up to in school!

Some of you have sent in photos of the work you have been doing! They are great. We’d love to put them up to share with your friends. Let us know this is OK when you send them in.

Your teachers are really missing you all! We thought it would be fun to show you what we are getting up to in between working and planning activities for you all!

World Book Day has given us lots of great opportunities to share books, explore words and pictures and get creative with our book “Shh I have a plan”. Year Three came to share books with us on Thursday! We all made birds just like the ones in the book and wrote about our favourite books in class. On Friday we went on a story hunt and watched Shh we have a plan as an animated film.

The children were really excited to be part of the coin collection for Jordan adding to the letters with their coins!

Games and puzzles week was great fun. The children played familiar games, learned new games and spent time developing their game playing skills!

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