Year 1

Swimming Days 
1BC Monday 
1L Tuesday 
1B Wednesday 
Year 1: Autumn Topics safety
 Year 1 Autumn 2cyberbullying
 Coping with Self Harm Guide
Year 1 Summer Topics 
Year 1_summer 1_2019 

Year One had an exciting start to the new half term when an alien spacecraft hovered above the school and crash landed in the hall!

A visit from an alien caused great excitement in Year One!

Reading Lists booklet design Y1&2

NEW reading list 2019

Questions for reading

Year 1 Tick list reading 2018


Some spelling tips for Y1 spelling workshop

Year One and Two spelling word lists

powerpoint for parents year 1

Year_1_Informal_Parents_Meeting 2019

Year 1  End of Year Expectations

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