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Swimming Days 
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Year 1: Autumn Topics safety
 Year 1 Autumn 2cyberbullying
Year 1 Spring
Spring 2text-bulling
 Online Educationgeotagging
Maths Workparent-factsheet-0414
 Coping with Self Harm Guide
Y1 work WC 23rd March
Y1 work WC 30th March
Resources for keeping active at home
Premier League Primary Stars Maths and Spelling
If there is an envelope symbol over the library tab on the home page of BUG CLUB it signals some feedback from your teacher. Follow the symbol to find it.
Year 1 Summer Topics My Maths Parent Guide
Remember if you don’t score over 90% on the activity … have another go!
Year 1_summer 1_2019 Maths Work Year One and Two
  Websites and Apps to support home learning

We know you have all been busy painting and displaying rainbows. We have also completed some in school and they are now proudly displayed along our fences and gates. We hope you see them if you are out on your walks. We are all really missing you!

We have received some fabulous photos of what you have been up to! Keep sending them in and let us know it is OK to pop them on the website to share with your friends!

Your teachers have been busy at home working and planning activities for you. They are all missing you and have sent some pictures of what they have been doing in between working!

Year One had a fantastic day at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. The children were fascinated to see all the old toys and compare them with their own toys. It really brought their history topic to life!

World Book Day arrived and Year One shared stories with Year Six and Year Five! The children all really enjoyed the experience. Year One also made book marks and watched a live performace of the book Ruby’s Worry as part of their World Book Week activities!

The children were keen to contribute to the coin collection for Jordan.

All the children had fun and learned new skills during puzzles and games week!

NEW reading list 2019

Reading Lists booklet design Y1&2

Questions for reading

Year 1 Tick list reading 2018


Some spelling tips for Y1 spelling workshop

Year One and Two spelling word lists

powerpoint for parents year 1

Year_1_Informal_Parents_Meeting 2019

Year 1  End of Year Expectations

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