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Swimming Days
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The whole school came together to commemorate Remembrance Day to remember the service and sacrifice of all those who have defended our freedom and protected our way of life.

Year One got into the festive season by creating decorations for our entry for the Tree Festival at Upminster Methodist Church. The theme was “Raise the Curtain” and the children made decorations from old books for their musical which was Matilda the Musical. THey also made the exciting bus trip to Upminster to sing at the church!

Year One Christmas performance was a fantastic opportunity to perform to parents and carers.

EXCITING NEWS … Engayne staff have been recording stories in audio and video format. They are in our very own STORYTIME library! Click the link …..and find a story. There are lots to choose from.

We took part in the Take 10 Challenge on October 10th!

The Take 10 Challenge encourages people to read for just 10 minutes a day to improve their wellbeing and support their literacy. For more information click here.

Year One wore yellow to support mental wellbeing and took time out to listen to a story about wellbeing online.

The Winter Mini Reading Challenge is launched online from December 1st to February 19th 2024.

Children need to read and review 3 books to win challenges and gain a certificate. Click here for more details.

Year One and Six had fun finding out about British flora by planting bulbs together. Mrs Donovan showed them how to plant the bulb and flatten the soil after to protect the bulb. The project is also part of Year One’s Social Action project of planting in the school and local community.

Does your child have trouble selecting a book to read? Watch this fun animation to help them choose books they will love! 

With your library membership you can view a variety of story and factual books online. To find out more visit:

Visit the link below to also find encyclopedias, dictionaries, art and music resources in the virtual library:

The Importance of Bedtime Reading for Children – this website has lots of suggested books and tips to make bedtime reading engaging.

Please click on the links below for further assistance for your child


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