Charities We Support

At Engayne we have a strong ethos of supporting others in our community and the wider communities. Our pupils are involved in some sort of charity raising activity on a weekly basis, many are detailed below  We support charities through funds raised in many ways including at the school concerts and plays, cake sales, spelling bees and even car washes and cafes.  Last year we send gifts to many charities including Breast Cancer Care, Children in Need and the local food bank.


The children continued to learn about their role and responsibilities in the wider community. They raised funds supporting Children in need (£523.58) Royal British Legion (£118.24) and Hope4Havering, a local charity supporting the homeless at Christmas, (£436)


Ex Engayne pupil, Jordan, 22, is hoping to raise £6,000 to fund a much needed medical procedure that is not available on the NHS.  The children brought in coins and laid them to spell out Jordan’s name.  Jordan visited Engayne to witness the spectacle for himself.  He said that he was overwhelmed and emotional by the generosity shown and wanted to thank every parent and child who had donated.  He also said that returning to Engayne had brought back many fond memories of his time as a pupil.  The total raised for Jordan was an amazing £509.88!

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